International open tournament, Pétange

05-10-1974 > 01-01-1970

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tot
1 Dieks, Dennis NED 2290 =W8 +B30 +W11 +B26 +W7 +B4 =B5 6
2 Pflichthofer, Peter GER +W18 -B7 +W3 +B10 -W4 +B11 +B9 5
3 Ervin, Roy USA +B21 =W5 -B2 +B16 +W12 +B7 =W6 5
4 Dankert, Peter GER +W29 +B12 =W7 =B8 +B2 -W4 +B13 5
5 Höing GER +W25 =B3 +W19 -B7 +W18 +B20 =W1 5
6 Hartmann GER +W14 +B26 -W8 =B12 +B19 +W9 =B3 5
7 van Haastert, Paul NED +B9 +W2 =B4 +W5 -B1 -W3 +B12 5
8 Gebhard, Dietmar GER =B1 +W24 +B6 =W4 -B9 =W13 +B15
9 Brandenburg, Hans Joachim GER -W7 +B20 +W16 +B13 +W8 -B6 -W2 4
10 Schuermans, Robert BEL -W30 +B25 -W12 -W2 +W16 +B14 +B17 4
11 Schammo, Jean LUX =B13 +W17 -B1 =W29 +B27 -W2 +B20 4
12 Feller, Joseph LUX 2205 +B27 -W4 +B10 =W6 -B3 -W26 -W7
13 Milbers, Paul LUX =W11 +B15 =W30 -W9 +B17 =B8 -W4
14 Stull, Norbert LUX 2260 -B6 =W27 =B17 +W23 =B24 -W10 +W18
15 Kirsch LUX =B24 -W13 +B28 -W17 +B21 +W27 -W8
16 Peters, Paul LUX =B23 +W28 -B9 -W3 -B10 =W21 +W26 3
17 Schlaugert GER =W19 -B11 =W14 +B15 -W13 +W22 -W10 3
18 Plukker NED -B2 =W21 =B24 +W28 -B5 +W19 -B14 3
19 Philippe, Georges LUX =B17 +W23 -B5 +W30 -W6 -B18 =B22 3
20 Biel, Maik LUX =B28 -W9 =B23 +W22 +B26 -W5 -W11 3
21 Scheer LUX -W3 =B18 -W26 +B25 -W15 =B16 +W28 3
22 Wietor LUX -W26 +B29 =W27 -B20 +W23 -B17 =W19 3
23 Passos POR =W16 -B19 =W20 -B14 -B22 +W25 =B24
24 Ludewig LUX =W15 -B8 =W18 -B27 =W14 =B28 =W23
25 Nilles LUX -B5 -W10 -B29 -W21 +W28 -B23 +W27 2
26 van Praag NED +B22 -W6 +B21 -W1 -W20 -B12 -B16 2
27 van Haastert, R. NED -W12 =B14 =B22 +W24 -W11 -B15 -B25 2
28 Wesselbaum GER =W20 -B16 -W15 -B18 -B25 =W24 -B21 1
(29) Van Acker, Tony BEL -B4 -W22 +W25 =B11 ABS ABS ABS (1½)
(30) Mager GER +B10 -W1 =B13 -B19 ABS ABS ABS (1½)

The Cercle d’Échecs Pétange celebrated its 25th birthday in 1974. On the occasion, a couple of tournaments were organised. This tournament started on Saturday the 5th. There was a junior tournament held alongside it, but no Belgians participated there. Young Schuermans started slowly, but reached an honourable tenth place with some victories over Luxembourgian top players. Van Acker had to withdraw due to illness.

[1] gives full results, although it claims the first-round game Brandenburg — van Haastert was drawn, which contradicts both the preliminary and final standings it gives. So far, I have been unable to find any of Schuermans’ or Van Acker’s games.


  • All the games.
  • The exact dates.


  1. Luxemburger Wort 02, 09,14,15/10/1974