International chess festival, Lido degli Estensi

27-05-2000 > 02-06-2000

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tot
1 GM Efimov, Igor ITA 2537 11B+ 9W= 12B+ 2B= 8W= 5W+ 3B= 4W= 6B= 6
2 GM Naumkin, Igor RUS 2498 29B+ 5W+ 15B+ 1W= 6B= 3W= 4B= 13B= 8W= 6
3 GM Đurić, Stefan YUG 2491 19B+ 12W= 16B+ 6W= 10B+ 2B= 1W= 8B= 4W= 6
4 IM Ortega, Lexy CUB 2479 24B+ 7W= 6B- 22W+ 9B+ 10W+ 2W= 1B= 3B= 6
5 GM Martinović, Slobodan YUG 2448 21W+ 2B- 23W+ 15W= 7B+ 1B- 9W= 16W+ 13B+ 6
6 GM Timoščenko, Gennadij SVK 2519 26W+ 10B= 4W+ 3B= 2W= 8B= 13W= 12B= 1W=
7 GM Razuvaev, Yuri RUS 2548 20W+ 4B= 8W= 10B= 5W- 22B+ 15W= 9B= 12W+
8 GM Ristić, Nenad YUG 2435 28W= 25B+ 7B= 19W+ 1B= 6W= 12B= 3W= 2B=
9 GM Godena, Michele ITA 2487 27W+ 1B= 10W- 26B+ 4W- 17B+ 5B= 7W= 15B+
10 IM Mrđa, Milan CRO 2425 31B+ 6W= 9B+ 7W= 3W- 4B- 26W+ 15B= 17W+
11 Marchini, Massimo ITA 2187 1W- 27B+ 30W+ 13B- 21W- 18B= 22W+ 24B+ 23W+
12 IM Aleksić, Nenad YUG 2405 18W+ 3B= 1W- 14B+ 13W= 21B+ 8W= 6W= 7B- 5
13 GM Davies, Nigel Rodney ENG 2497 23W+ 15B- 14B= 11W+ 12B= 16W+ 6B= 2W= 5W- 5
14 Pegoraro, Nicola ITA 2105 bye= 17B= 13W= 12W- 18B= 30W+ 16B- 29W+ 21B+ 5
15 Genocchio, Daniele ITA 2245 30B+ 13W+ 2W- 5B= 17W- 20B+ 7B= 10W= 9W-
16 FM Mauro, Alan ITA 2231 25W= 28B+ 3W- 17B= 29W+ 13B- 14W+ 5B- 18W=
17 IM Dragojlović, Anđelko YUG 2437 22B= 14W= 29B= 16W= 15B+ 9W- 24B= 19W+ 10B-
18 Diotallevi, Maurizio ITA 12B- 19W- bye 23B= 14W= 11W= 20B= 27W+ 16B=
19 Dell’Accio, Cataldo ITA 2101 3W- 18B+ 28W+ 8B- 20W= 26B= 21W= 17B- 31B+
20 FM Wagman, Stuart USA 2188 7B- 22W= 25B+ 29W= 19B= 15W- 18W= 21B= 26W+
21 Pienabarca, Nicola ITA 2030 5B- 29W- 24B+ 25W+ 11B+ 12W- 19B= 20W= 14W- 4
22 Frank, Albert BEL 2029 17W= 20B= 26W= 4B- 23W+ 7W- 11B- bye 25B= 4
23 Barbieri, Giovanni ITA 2103 13B- 31W+ 5B- 18W= 22B- 28W+ 25B= 30W+ 11B- 4
24 Aglietti, Graziano ITA 2051 4W- 26B- 21W- 28B+ 31W+ 29B+ 17W= 11W- 27B= 4
25 Ruzza, Claudio ITA 16B= 8W- 20W- 21B- 27W+ 31B+ 23W= 26B= 22W= 4
26 Insabato, Giovanbattista ITA 2175 6B- 24W+ 22B= 9W- 30B+ 19W= 10B- 25W= 20B-
27 Ricci, Alfredo ITA 2093 9B- 11W- 31B+ 30W- 25B- bye 28W+ 18B- 24W=
28 Bondielli, Giorgio ITA 2013 8B= 16W- 19B- 24W- bye 23B- 27B- 31W+ 30B+
29 Straub, Peter GER 2126 2W- 21B+ 17W= 20B= 16B- 24W- bye 14B- ABS 3
30 Renier, Renzo ITA 15W- bye 11B- 27B+ 26W- 14B- 31W+ 23B- 28W- 3
31 Turunčič, Recco SLO 10W- 23B- 27W- bye 24B- 25W- 30B- 28B- 19W- 1

The stronger players were content to play short draws against each other and beat the outsiders. The one Belgian participant, Frank, had a good start. Despite falling back a bit, his result was at least decent, as he started as one of the lowest rated players. On  Wednesday, May 31 at 22:00, there was a blitz tournament at the tempo of 5′ per person. Here, the final standings were:

1. Mrđa 7½/9 2. Aleksić 7 3-5. Martinović, Godena & Ristić 6½ 6-8. Dragojlović, F.Boscolo & Solinas 6 9-12. Efimov, Genocchio, Mosca & Opačić 5½ 13-14. L.Bellemo & M.Bellemo 5 15-18. Bonetti, Todić, Trussardi & Bonetti 4½ 19-27. Pienabarca, M.Boscolo, Popa, Barbieri, Frank, Antoniacci, Bondielle, Grudina & Bonazza 4 28-31. Cecchetto, Bonoli, Russo & Galiano 3 32. Di Cicco 1½ 33. Cerusico 1 34. Vinciguerra ½

All information, including the games, come from [1].


  • Frank’s last round game against Ruzza.


  1. The official site [as cached by the Wayback Machine]
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