Interleague tournament, Ghent

01-05-1976 > 23-05-1976

Banh Tri An VIE 1 1 2 Banh Tri An 0 1 1 2
Mussen, R BEL 0 0 0
Lemaire, Robert BEL bye Lemaire, Robert 1 0 0 1
Meertens, R BEL 0 + 1 Meertens, R 0 0 0
Vandezande, Albert BEL 1 1
Wostyn, Hendrik BEL 2250 bye Wostyn, Hendrik 1 1 2
Van de Wynkele, Eric BEL 1 0 1 Van de Wynkele 0 ½ ½
Van de Wynkele, Rudy BEL 0 1 1
Defize, Alain BEL bye Defize, Alain 1 ½
Campanella, Dominique BEL 1 ½ Campanella, Dominique ½ 0 ½
De Hert, Robert BEL 0 ½ ½
Wauthier, Pierre BEL bye Wauthier, Pierre ½ 1

This tournament was a kind of qualification tournament for the Belgian championship, organised in Ghent on the weekends of May 1st-2nd and 22nd-23rd. There were two knock-out rounds, each consisting of a two-game match. As there were only twelve contenders and four places at stake, this meant that four players received a bye in the first round. Apparently, Vandezande forfeited his second game and the match.

In case one of the mini-matches ended in a tie, a third game had to be played. This was the case in the Banh Tri An vs. Lemaire encounter as well as in the clash of brothers Van de Wynkele vs. Van de Wynkele. I unfortunately don’t have these tie-breaking games and I don’t even know which brother proceeded to the second round.

All information I have, including the games, comes from the official magazine of the Belgian chess federation ([1]).


  • Which Van de Wynkele qualified for the second round?
  • First names for Mussen and Meertens.
  • The second game between Banh Tri An and Mussen as well as the play-off games in the games Van de Wynkele vs. Van de Wynkele and Banh Tri An vs. Lemaire.


  1. Maandelijks inlichtingsblad van de Koninklijke Belgische schaakbond, 1976 Nos. 5 & 6
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