Guernsey open, Guernsey

15-10-2000 > 21-10-2000

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tot
1 IM Webster, Andrew ENG 2424 38B+ 9W+ 12B+ 32W+ 6B+ 5W+ 8b=
2 FM Ledger, David ENG 2264 49B- 54W+ 38B+ 9W+ 32B= 13W+ 12B+
3 FM Ballon, Günther Jan NED 2247 55B+ 36W= 37B+ 7W+ 4B= 12W= 6B= 5
4 IM Bellin, Robert Cecil ENG 2369 26W= 46B+ 56W+ 17B= 3W= 10B= 18W+ 5
5 IM Houska, Miroslav ENG 2291 22B+ 21W- 49B+ 40W+ 24B+ 1W- 17B+ 5
6 IM Ledger, Andrew ENG 2441 46W= 26B+ 52W+ 24B+ 1W- 32B+ 3W= 5
7 Rosen, Daniel ENG 2221 33W+ 30B+ 10W= 3B- 20W+ 19B= 14W+ 5
8 FM van Voorthuijsen, Peewee NED 2295 23W- 25B+ 34W+ 14B= 28W+ 17B+ 1W= 5
9 Wismayer, Clive ENG 2131 25W+ 1B- 41W+ 2B- 34W+ 37B+ 32W+ 5
10 Burrows, Martin ENG 48B+ 13W+ 7B= 19B= 14W= 4W= 11B=
11 FM Lewis, Andrew Paul ENG 2259 50W+ 40B+ 24W- 21B+ 17W- 30B+ 10W=
12 Teeuwen, Jos NED 20W+ 23B+ 1W- 33B+ 19W+ 3B= 2W-
13 van Dijk, Bram NED 2242 28W+ 10B- 23W+ 20B= 16W+ 2B- 26W+
14 Dijksterhuis, Rolf NED 2119 54B= 16W= 15B+ 8W= 10B= 36W+ 7B- 4
15 Dorrington, Christopher ENG 32W- 57B+ 14W- 27B= 46W+ 44B= 40W+ 4
16 Foster, James ENG 2056 44W= 14B= 47B+ 36W= 13B- 35W= 37W+ 4
17 Gunter, David ENG 2139 43B+ 37W= 29B+ 4W= 11B+ 8W- 5B- 4
18 Ledger, Stephen ENG 2185 31W= 34B= 33W- 56B+ 50W+ 40B+ 4W- 4
19 Maurer, Fritz SUI 2224 29B= 31W+ 36B+ 10W= 12B- 7W= 24B= 4
20 Milnes, Andrew ENG 12B- 55W+ 35B+ 13W= 7B- 27B= 44W+ 4
21 Nicholas, Koichi ENG 2093 58W+ 5B+ 32W- 11W- 29B- 50W+ 28B+ 4
22 Reijneveld, Ad NED 5W- 39B= 50W- 48W+ 35B= 52B+ 41W+ 4
23 Taylor, Mark ENG 8B+ 12W- 13B- 35W= 43B+ 25W= 36B+ 4
24 Thurlow, Kevin ENG 2196 45B+ 49W+ 11B+ 6W- 5W- 26B= 19W= 4
25 Fassaert, Désiré NED 9B- 8W- 57B+ 49W+ 44W= 23B= 30W=
26 Goldberg, Menashe NED 2051 4B= 6W- 48B+ 43W+ 37B= 24W= 13B-
27 Havenaar, Jan NED 2255 37B- 43W- 42B+ 15W= 54B+ 20W= 33B=
28 Kitchlew, Andrew ENG 2044 13B- 48= 53B+ 54W+ 8B- 29W+ 21B-
29 Kamps NED 19W= 44B+ 17W- 30B= 21W+ 28B- 34W=
30 Rowe, Peter GCI 2092 42B+ 7W- 43B= 29W= 39B+ 11W- 25B=
31 van de Griendt, Monique NED 18B= 19B- 44W= 47W= 56B= 38W= bye
32 Van Herck, Marcel BEL 2208 15B+ 47W+ 21B+ 1B- 2W= 6W- 9B-
33 von Saldern, Rüdiger GER 7B- 42W+ 18B+ 12W- 40B- 47W+ 27W=
34 Walker, Jack ENG 51B= 18W= 8B- 59W+ 9B- 56W+ 29B=
35 de Kruif, Kees NED 2148 52W= 41B= 20W- 23B= 22W= 16B= 39W= 3
36 Goris, Antonius NED 2097 39W+ 3B= 19W- 16B= 41W+ 14B- 23W- 3
37 Kemp, Paul Michael ENG 2019 27W+ 17B= 3W- 52B+ 26W= 9W- 16B- 3
38 Molet, Asher FRA 2057 1W- 58B+ 2W- 41B- 42W+ 31B= 46W= 3
39 Murray, Stephen SCO 36B- 22W= 51B+ 50B= 30W- 45W= 35B= 3
40 Purdon, Colin ENG 2112 53B+ 11W- 45B+ 5B- 33W+ 18W- 15B- 3
41 Ruston, Mark ENG bye 35W= 9B- 38W+ 36B- 49W+ 22B- 3
42 Twitchell, David ENG 30W- 33B- 27W- 57W+ 38B- bye+ 55B+ 3
43 van Randen, Fred NED 17W- 27B+ 30W= 26B- 23W- 55B= 57W+ 3
44 Westerkamp, Bert NED 2152 16B= 29W- 31B= 45W+ 25B= 15W= 20B- 3
45 Westerman NED 24W- 59B+ 40W- 44B- 55W= 39B= 56W+ 3
46 Burton, Ronnie ENG 2073 6W= 4B- 54W- 55B+ 15W- 53B= 38W=
47 Dennis, Nigel ENG 2078 59W+ 32B- 16W- 31B= 52W= 33B- 49W=
48 Gravett, Alan ENG 10W- 28B= 26W- 22B- 58W= 59B+ 50W=
49 Harpur, Colin IRL 2W+ 24B- 5W- 25B- 59W+ 41B- 47W=
50 Hauptmann, Thomas NED 2045 11B- 53W= 22B+ 39W= 18B- 21W- 48B=
51 Ippel, Cornelius NED 2110 34W= 52B- 39W- 58B= 53W= 54B+ ABS
52 Millin, Lester ENG 35B= 51W+ 6B- 37W- 47B= 22W- 53B=
53 Ruigrok, Jacques NED 40W- 50B= 28W- bye 51B= 46B= 52W=
54 Walker, Laurie ENG 14W= 2B- 46W+ 28B- 27W- 51W- 59B+
55 Beadle, John ENG 3W- 20B- 58W+ 46B- 45B= 43W= 42W- 2
56 Carlucci, Paul ENG 57W+ bye 4B- 18W- 31W= 34B- 45B- 2
57 Cummins, John GCI 56B- 15W- 25W- 42B- bye+ 58B+ 43W- 2
58 Snoep, Jaap NED 21B- 38W- 55B- 51W= 48B= 57W- bye+ 2
59 Flanagan, Keith GCI 47B- 45W- bye+ 34B- 49B- 48W- 54W- 1

According to [1], the official site of the Guernsey chess festival, some people got half a point for a bye while others got a full point. Presumably, a half point bye could be taken by the players, while full point byes came from an odd number of participants in a round. The crosstable comes from [1], Van Herck had a really strong start, but fall back a bit against the top players. He very kindly provided me with all his games.


  • Some first names.


  1. Guernsey International Chess Festival [retrieved 15/08/2023]
  2. Personal correspondence with Mr. Van Herck.
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