GJÉB national championship, Brussels

22-08-1936 > 20-09-1936

1 2 3 4 5 Tot
1 O’Kelly de Galway, Albéric BEL 11 11 11
2 Devos, Paul BEL 10 ½0
3 Arnstein, A BEL 00 01 11 ½1
4 Frutsaert, Roger BEL 00 ½1 00 11
5 Peeters, Francis BEL 00 ½0 00 1

The Groupement des Joueurs d’Échecs Belges (group of Belgian chess players) was a short-lived organisation which, as far as I’m aware, only organised tournaments in 1936. I believe it was started at least partly due to dissatisfaction with the Belgian Chess Federation because that body allowed foreigners to participate in its championship. The GJÉB organised two championships: an international one open to foreigners and a national one especially for people with the Belgian nationality.

The former had previously been won by Devos before O’Kelly, this national one saw the same players on the first two places, but in reversed order. Devos did well in the first part, but only scored 1 out of 4 in the second part.

The crosstable has been reconstructed from results and standings given in [1]. Unfortunately, I have no games.


  • All the games.
  • Arnstein’s first name.
  • All information about the minor tournament.


  1. La Nation Belge 24/08-03/10/1936