Friendly match O’Kelly de Galway vs. de Jong, Winterswijk

18-10-1948 > 20-10-1948

O’Kelly de Galway, AlbĂ©ric BEL 1 1 1 3
de Jong, Theodoor NED 0 0 0 0

De Jong was a player from the Dutch subtop, reaching the final of the Dutch championship once in 1954. He often invited quite strong players for friendly training matches in Winterswijk, a small town in the East of The Netherlands. Presumably, there was some remuneration, but I know nothing of this. As far as I know, this was the second match O’Kelly played against de Jong. Apparently, it was only over three games, which were all won by O’Kelly.

The games given here come from de Jong’s own score books and were kindly keyed in for me by a volunteer of the Max Euwe Centrum in Amsterdam.


  • Not much.


  1. De Jong’s score books [via the Max Euwe Centrum in Amsterdam].
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