Classification match Engelmann vs. Liubarski, Liège

14-01-1934 > 04-02-1934

Engelmann, Marcel BEL 1 1 0 0 2
Liubarski, Eugène RUS 0 0 1 1 2

At this time, the Belgian Chess Federation made classification lists of its players based on the national championship and some of the major tournaments played in the country. One could apparently also challenge a higher ranked player and, by beating him, move up on the ladder. This particular match didn’t change the ranking, as it ended in a draw.

[1] gives enough information to reconstruct the table above. [2] gives three of the games. I am not entirely sure that the two last games were indeed played in Liège. Liubarski played in Liège, but Engelmann was from Verviers, I think. So perhaps the two last games were played there. I am also not completely sure that the last game was played on February 4th, but it seems likely as the other games were played on successive Sundays.


  • The 4th game.
  • Were the 3rd and 4th game also played in Liège?


  1. La Nation Belge 27/01 & 13/03/1934
  2. Le Vingtième Siècle 31/01 & 21/02/1934
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