Belgium vs. Échec et Mat, Reims


1 Dunkelblum, Arthur 1-0 Letzgus
2 Van Hoorde, Edouard ½-½ Stévenot
3 Schumacher, Helmut ½-½ Coudert
4 De Wolf, Guy 1-0 Barré
5 Gobert, Jos 1-0 Constantin
6 Vrancken 1-0 Rielh
7 Van As, Lambert 1-0 Johensé
8 Heynen, Gerard 0-1 Guillaume
Tot Belgium 6-2 Échec et Mat

On their way to the Clare Benedict cup in Switzerland, the Belgian team stopped in Reims to play a friendly match against the local chess club. To the official squad of five players were added non-playing captain Heynen and the two reserve players Vrancken and Van As. Since the first round of the Clare Benedict cup was on April 8th, this match was probably played on April 6th, but I’m not completely sure. All information I have comes from [1].


  • First names for Vrancken and all the local players.
  • All but one of the games.


  1. De Volksgazet 14-04-1953
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