Belgian championship play-off match, Bruges/Brussels/Antwerp

02-08-1959 > 30-08-1959

1 2 3 Tot
Boey, Jozef Martin BEL ½ ½ ½
GM O’Kelly de Galway, Albéric BEL ½ ½ ½

After the Belgian championship from 1959 had ended in a tie, a play-off match was needed. It was stopped after three draws. [1] gives all the games. Dekeyser was arbiter. Apparently, a budget of 2100 BEF was available: 1400 BEF for the winner and  700 BEF for the loser. The winner would be the first to win a game. A fourth game was planned, but O’Kelly called it off in order to participate in the Memorial Lancel tournament in Brussels. Afterwards, the Central Committee of the Belgian Chess Federation decided on October 4 that this meant O’Kelly had forfeited the match, but this decision was overturned during another Central Committee meeting on November 8. This implied that the match should be continued, but I don’t think it ever was.


  • What was the final decision and how was it reached?


  1. De Volksgazet 04/08 — 21/11/1959
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