8th NATO chess championship, Apt

09-11-1997 > 15-11-1997

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tot
1 Gerberl, Hans-Walter GER 39W+ 11B+ 15W+ 4B+ 24W+ 6B= 3W= 6
2 Schott, Guido GER 2040 52B+ 8W- 28B= 47W+ 26B+ 18W+ 6W+
3 Toumaniantz, Rouslan FRA 2090 36B+ 29W+ 8B= 17W= 25W+ 5B= 1B= 5
4 Wantiez, Fabrice BEL 2105 42W+ 38B+ 6B= 1W- 33B+ 7W+ 8B= 5
5 Hamann, Carsten GER 38W- 42B= 37W+ 35B+ 15W+ 3W= 19B+ 5
6 Hammond, Andrew ENG 2195 27W+ 34B+ 4W= 7B= 9W+ 1W= 2B-
7 Zill, Christoph GER 13B+ 20W= 41B+ 6W= 18W+ 4B- 10W=
8 Pedersen, Jacob Bang DEN 2175 49W+ 2B+ 3W= 9B- 10W= 34B+ 4W=
9 Jügel, Marcel GER 28B= 47W+ 21B+ 8W+ 6B- 19W= 13B=
10 Clifford, Neil ENG 35W= 45B+ 25W= 15B= 8B= 17W+ 7B=
11 Nielsen, Jan Mose DEN 51B+ 1W- 29B+ 26W= 17B= 16B= 24W+
12 Toll, Alec ENG 2105 29B- 36W+ 31B+ 33W= 13B= 20W= 30B+
13 Cadiou, Jacques FRA 7W- 50B= 45W+ 44B+ 12W= 25B+ 9W=
14 de Waard, Marco NED 46W+ 18B= 24W= 25B- 27W= 43B+ 26B+
15 Ludden, Gert-Jan NED 33B+ 19W+ 1B- 10W= 5B- 22W= 32B+ 4
16 De Cat, Ben BEL 22B+ 21W= 17B= 19W- 31B+ 11W= 20B= 4
17 Tommasini, Enzo ITA 2005 40W+ 24B= 16W= 3B= 11W= 10B- 37W+ 4
18 Lhoussene, Cédric FRA 48B+ 14W= 20B= 32W+ 7B- 2B- 33W+ 4
19 Madsen, Egon DEN 37W+ 15B- 27W= 16B+ 43W+ 9B= 5W- 4
20 Nielsen, Henrik DEN 50W+ 7B= 18W= 24B- 39W+ 12B= 16W= 4
21 Baudin, Frédéric FRA 2220 31W+ 16B= 9W- 43B- 35W+ 33B= 39W+ 4
22 Cerezo, Michael USA 16W- 33W- 51B+ 49B+ 44W= 15B= 34W+ 4
23 Sanford, Jerome USA 34W- 27B- 40W+ 42B- 49W+ 44B+ 41W+ 4
24 Kesmaecker, Philippe FRA 2340 32B+ 17W= 14B= 20W+ 1B- 30W= 11B-
25 Frederiksen, Henrik DEN 2145 43B+ 41W= 10B= 14W+ 3B- 13W- 31B=
26 Maes, Patrick BEL 41W- 39B+ 35W+ 11B= 2W- 27B+ 14W-
27 Donati, Roberto ITA 6B- 23W+ 19B= 28W= 14B= 26W- 46B+
28 van Diermen, Henk NED 9W= 44B= 2W= 27B= 30B- 29W= 43W+
29 Koopmeiners, Karl GER 12W+ 3B- 11W- 50B+ 34W- 28B= 42W+
30 Hater, David USA 45W= 35B- 38W+ 41B= 28W+ 24B= 12W-
31 Hortillosa, Andres USA 21B- 52W+ 12W- 38B+ 16W- 41B+ 25W=
32 Tia, Rudy USA 24W- 40B+ 49W+ 18B- 41W= 42B+ 15W-
33 Crapulli, Giuseppe ITA 15W- 22B+ 34W+ 12B= 4W- 21W= 18B- 3
34 Le Bourhis, Dominique FRA 2060 23B+ 6W- 33B- 36W+ 29B+ 8W- 22B- 3
35 Stuhr, Finn DEN 10B= 30W+ 26B- 5W- 21B- 46W= 49B+ 3
36 den Besten, Jan NED 3W- 12B- 46W+ 34B- 38W+ 37B- 47W+ 3
37 McInnes, Neil ENG 19B- 48W= 5B- 45W+ 47B= 36W+ 17B- 3
38 Geddis, Dick ENG 5B+ 4W- 30B- 31W- 36B- 52W+ 48B+ 3
39 Pitts, Chris USA 1B- 26W- 52B+ 48W+ 20B- 47W+ 21B- 3
40 Engelen, Johan NED 17B- 32W- 23B- 52W+ 46B- 50W+ 51B+ 3
41 Steffers, Hendrik NED 26B+ 25B= 7W- 30W= 32B= 31W- 23B-
42 Wagenaar, Harm Theo NED 4B- 5W= 47B- 23W+ 48B+ 32W- 29B-
43 Maxia, Giuseppe ITA 25W- 46B+ 44W= 21W+ 19W- 14B- 28W-
44 Nielsen, Finn DEN 47B= 28W= 43B= 13W- 22B= 23W- 45B=
45 Charles, Freddy BEL 30B= 10W- 13B- 37B- 50W+ 49B= 44W=
46 Van Linden, Tony BEL 14B- 43W- 36B- 51W+ 40W+ 35B= 27W-
47 Molin, Fabio ITA 44W= 9B- 42W+ 2B- 37W= 39B- 36B- 2
48 Gaudiosi, M ITA 18W- 37B= 50W= 39B- 42W- 51B+ 38W- 2
49 Mastroieni, G ITA 8B- 51W+ 32B- 22W- 23B- 45W= 35W-
50 Foulds, Andrew ENG 20B- 13W= 48B= 29W- 45B- 40B- 52W=
51 Parrott, Andrew ENG 11W- 49B- 22W- 46B- 52B+ 48W- 40W- 1
52 Vercauteren, Daniel BEL 2W- 31B- 39W- 40B- 51W- 38B- 50B= ½

All information I have comes from [1]. In the game file given there, the rounds are not given. I added these, using the table above, which [1] also gives. Furthermore, I have assumed that one game was played per day.

The format was standard: an individual seven-round Swiss tournament in which the pairings were made so that players form the same team wouldn’t meet. There were six players per team. For the team ranking, the best four individual scores were used per team. Some extra players (Stuhr, Steffers, Molin & Parrott) participated but didn’t play for any team. The Belgian team was missing its usual top man Deleyn and didn’t do especially well, although Wantiez held his own.

1 Germany 21 6 Gerberl Schott 5 Hamann Zill
2 France 17½ 5 Toumaniantz Cadiou 4 Lhoussene 4 Baudin
3 Denmark 17 Pedersen Nielsen 4 Madsen 4 Nielsen
4 United Kingdom 16½ Hammond Clifford Toll 3 McInnes
5 USA 15 4 Cerezo 4 Sanford Hater Hortillosa
6 The Netherlands 15 de Waard 4 Ludden van Diermen 3 den Besten
7 Belgium 15 5
Wantiez 4 De Cat
8 Italy 13 4 Tommasini Donati 3 Crapulli Maxia


  • First names for Gaudiosi and Mastroieni.


  1. https://www.natochess.com/
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