6th open tournament, Leuven

10-11-1994 > 13-11-1994

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tot
1 IM Åkesson, Ralf SWE 2460 55B+ 18W+ 10B+ 6W+ 2B+ 7W= 9B+
2 IM Ziatdinov, Raset UZB 2410 60B+ 21W+ 14B+ 4W+ 1W- 10B+ 6B+ 6
3 IM Berend, Fred LUX 2400 44B+ 32W+ 38B+ 15W- 25B+ 16W+ 7B+ 6
4 IM Meijers, Viesturs LAT 2375 72W+ 29B+ 23W+ 2B- 17W+ 5B= 15B+
5 IM Polaczek, Richard BEL 2415 ABS 77B+ 67W+ 43W+ 18B+ 4W= 19B+
6 Claesen, Pieter BEL 2275 57W+ 46B+ 24W+ 1B- 23W+ 8B+ 2W- 5
7 IM Golubev, Mihail UKR 2545 67W+ 17B= 66W+ 11B+ 20W+ 1B= 3W- 5
8 Cekro, Ekrem BIH 2420 ABS 37W+ 55B+ 32W+ 12B+ 6W- 24B+ 5
9 FM Dutreeuw, Marc BEL 2410 33B+ 31W+ 19B= 16W= 24B+ 15W+ 1W- 5
10 Penson, Thierry BEL 2295 48B+ 56W+ 1W- 29B+ 34W+ 2W- 31B+ 5
11 Van Beers, Eddy BEL 2170 39B+ 40W+ 15B= 7W- 28B+ 12W= 25B+ 5
12 FM Vanderwaeren, Serge BEL 2300 50W+ 36B+ 42W= 54B+ 8W- 11B= 23W+ 5
13 IM Cherniaev, Alexander RUS 2415 26W+ 54B= 28W+ 42B- 58W= 29B+ 35W+ 5
14 Osman, Michel FRA 73W+ 59B+ 2W- 56B- 38W+ 30B+ 26W+ 5
15 IM Miezis, Normunds LAT 2445 45W+ 34B+ 11W= 3B+ 42W+ 9B- 4W-
16 Claesen, Jeroen BEL 61W+ 28B= 27W+ 9B= 56W+ 3B- 17W=
17 Van Mechelen, Jan NED 76B+ 7W= 43B= 22W+ 4B- 55W+ 16B=
18 Uhoda, Philippe BEL 77W+ 1B- 33W+ 59B+ 5W- 27B= 48W+
19 Mossong, Hubert LUX 2275 68W+ 30B+ 9W= 20B- 54W+ 42B+ 5W-
20 FM Mohandesi, Shahin IRI 2320 47B+ 43W= 85B+ 19W+ 7B- 31W= 21B=
21 Van Espen, Eddy BEL 69W+ 2B- 44W+ 66B= 26W= 57B+ 20W=
22 Waterschoot, Thierry BEL 89W+ 23B- 41W+ 17B- 69W+ 54B= 42W+
23 Benaïssa, Mohamed BEL 74B+ 22W+ 4B- 49W+ 6B- 58W+ 12B- 4
24 Janssens, Wouter BEL 70B+ 49W+ 6B- 40W+ 9W- 56B+ 8W- 4
25 Steenhoudt, Guido BEL 42W- 90B+ 30W+ 36B+ 3W- 34B+ 11W- 4
26 de Jong, J. J. NED 13B- 31W+ 31B= 85W+ 21B= 43W+ 14B- 4
27 Pimenta, Antonio POR 2185 37B= 64W+ 16B- 47W+ 35B= 18W= 32B= 4
28 Rulle, Gert BEL 80B+ 16W= 13B- 37W+ 11W- 68B+ 33W= 4
29 Billaux, Eric BEL 88B+ 4W- 39B+ ABS 63B+ 13W- 55B+ 4
30 Van Horenbeke, Jean BEL 51B+ 19W- 25B- 48W+ 39B+ 14W- 57B+ 4
31 Flamion, Bruno BEL 83W+ 9B- 26W= 50B- 66W+ 20B= 10W- 4
32 De Wachter, Mathias BEL 65W+ 3B- 57W+ 8B- 33W= 67B+ 27W= 4
33 Vercammen, Robert BEL 9W- 69B+ 18B- 62W+ 32B= 49W+ 28B= 4
34 Verbeek, Geert BEL 62B+ 15W- 60B+ 38W+ 10B- 25W- 59B+ 4
35 Hohmeister, Jens GER 2190 41W+ 66B- 45W+ 58B= 27W= 59B+ 13B- 4
36 De Wachter, Stefaan BEL 2135 78B+ 12W- 47B= 25W- 74B+ 45W+ 37B= 4
37 Lugansky, Konstantin BEL 27W= 8B- 71W+ 28B- 72W+ 66B+ 36W= 4
38 Taelemans, Werner BEL 91W+ 71B+ 3W- 34B- 14B- 76W+ 54W+ 4
39 Holsteyn, Marc BEL 11W- 75B+ 29W- 87B+ 30W- 69B+ 56W+ 4
40 Mangelschots, Peter BEL 86W+ 11B- 68W+ 24B- 57W- 70B+ 61W+ 4
41 Renkens, Staf BEL 35B- 82W+ 22B- 55W- 89B+ 60W+ 58B+ 4
42 Maes, Wim BEL 2245 25B+ 58W+ 12B= 13W+ 15B- 19W- 22B-
43 Theunissen, Kris BEL 87W+ 20B= 17W= 5B- 44W+ 26B- 50W=
44 Wilms, Walter BEL 3W- 87B+ 21B- 53W+ 43B- 64W+ 46W=
45 Burnay, Gérard BEL 15B- 62W+ 35B- 76W= 51B+ 36B- 70W+
46 Verhaegen, Wim BEL 52B+ 6W- 48B= 63W= 55B- 73W+ 44B=
47 Debeus, Daniel BEL 20W- 79B+ 36W= 27B- 70W- 65B+ 68W+
48 Uylenbroeck, Roland BEL 10W- 86B+ 46W= 30B- 84W+ 71B+ 18B-
49 Pieters, Frederik BEL 90W+ 24B- 70W+ 23B- 68W= 33B- 72W+
50 De Kaey, Pascal BEL 12B- 78W= 74B+ 31W- 76B= 62W+ 43B=
51 Pelgrims, Marc BEL 30W- 68B- 83W+ 70B= 45W- 77B+ 67W+
52 Cockaerts, Philippe BEL 46W- 57B- 75W+ 72B= 67W- 83B+ 66W+
53 Cuypers, Dries BEL 54W- 26B- 65W+ 44B- 79W= 84B+ 71W+
54 Winants, Henri BEL 53B+ 13W= 63B+ 12W- 19B- 22W= 38B- 3
55 Voet, Dirk BEL 1W- 83B+ 8W- 41B+ 46W+ 17B- 29W- 3
56 Denys, Frank BEL 79W+ 10B- 72W+ 14W+ 16B- 24W- 39B- 3
57 Frederiksen, Jens BEL 6B- 52W+ 32B- 78W+ 40B+ 21W- 30W- 3
58 Fuss, Bert GER 75W+ 42B- 61W+ 35W= 13B= 23B- 41W- 3
59 Aglave, Arnaud BEL 92B+ 14W- 73B+ 18W- 64B+ 35W- 34W- 3
60 Van Praag, Bart BEL 2W- 65B+ 34W- 69B- 87W+ 41B- 78W+ 3
61 Verduyckt, Johan BEL 16B- 80W+ 58B- 64W- 78B+ 63W+ 40B- 3
62 Vandervurst, Adriaan BEL 34W- 45B- 79W+ 33B- 81W+ 50B- 82B+ 3
63 Pletinckx, Eddy BEL 84W= 81B+ 54W- 46B= 29W- 61B- 75W+ 3
64 Vermeulen, Bram BEL 71W= 27B- 77W= 61B+ 59W- 44B- 83W+ 3
65 Robeyns, Bart BEL 32B- 60W- 53B- 80W+ 88B+ 47W- 76B+ 3
66 Hoogstijns, Raf BEL 82B+ 35W+ 7B- 21W= 31B- 37W- 52B-
67 Weiler, Marc BEL 7B- 76W+ 5B- 74W= 52B+ 32W- 51B-
68 Bosmans, Filip BEL 19B- 51W+ 40B- 88W+ 49B= 28W- 47B-
69 Huysman, Robert BEL 21B- 33W- 80B+ 60W+ 22B- 39W- 73B=
70 Motmans, Steven BEL 24W- 89B+ 49B- 51W= 47B+ 40W- 45B-
71 Demoulin, Joachim BEL 64B= 38W- 37B- 77W+ 73B+ 48W- 53B-
72 Dondeyne, Francis BEL 4B- 88W+ 56B- 52W= 37B- 79W+ 49B-
73 Ulburghs, Piet BEL 14B- 92W+ 59W- 81B+ 71W- 46B- 69W=
74 Vlaemynck, Roger BEL 23W- 91B+ 50W- 67B= 36W- 75B- 84W+
75 Vanderlinden, Gert BEL 58B- 39W- 52B- 83B= 86W+ 74W+ 63B-
76 Dauw, Tony BEL 17W- 67B- 84W+ 45B= 50W= 38B- 65W- 2
77 Glowka, Patrick BEL 18B- 5W- 64B= 71B- 80W+ 51W- 79B= 2
78 Reenaers, Johan BEL 36W- 50B= 81W= 57B- 61W- 86B+ 60B- 2
79 Janssens, Emile BEL 56B- 47W- 62B- 90W+ 53B= 72B- 77W= 2
80 Rulle, Albert BEL 28W- 61B- 69W- 65B- 77B- 90W+ 88W+ 2
81 Crabbé, Danny BEL 85B= 63W- 78B= 73W- 62B- 82W- 86B+ 2
82 Moerman, Philippe BEL 66W- 41B- 87W- 86B- bye 81B+ 62W- 2
83 Debast, Albert BEL 31B- 55W- 51B- 75W= 90B+ 52W- 64B-
84 Picard, Hervé BEL 63B= 85W- 76B- 89W+ 48B- 53W- 74B-
85 Verheyden, Frederic BEL 81W= 84B+ 20W- 26B- ABS ABS ABS
86 Ulburghs, Marcel BEL 40B- 48W- ABS 82W+ 75B- 78W- 81W- 1
87 Fuderer, Ivo BEL 43B- 44W- 82B+ 39W- 60B- ABS ABS 1
88 De Vuyst, Julien BEL 29W- 72B- 90W+ 68B- 65W- ABS 80B- 1
89 Carlier, Louis-Eric BEL 22B- 70W- bye 84B- 41W- ABS ABS 1
90 Behaeghel, Guy BEL 49B- 25W- 88B- 79B- 83W- 80B- bye 1
91 Bulckaert, Paul BEL 38B- 74W- bye ABS ABS ABS ABS 1
92 Di Miceli, Luigi ITA 59W- 73B- ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS 0

Results in red were corrected.

After a long hiatus, the Leuven open came back this year. It attracted some strong international masters,of whom Åkesson won with an impressive score. The full results are given in the daily bulletins ([1]), although I had to correct two results. Sadly, these don’t include any games. The only ones I have, I found in [2], which is also the source for the dates.


  • Almost all the games.
  • Some first names.


  1. Tournament bulletin [as kindly sent to me by Mr. Roosen]
  2. Vlaanderen schaakt Nos. 4 &6
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