6th OHRA tournament, Amsterdam

03-08-1987 > 13-08-1987

GM group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tot
1 GM Hort, Vlastimil GER 2570 24B+ 6W+ 16B= 11W+ 1B= 1W= 7B+ 5W+ 3B= 7
2 GM Gavrikov, Viktor Nikolaevich URS 2525 21B+ 20W+ 11B= 16W+ 2W= 3B= 5W- 4B+ 7W+
3 GM Dlugy, Maxim USA 2545 22B= 25W+ 7B= 5W+ 4B= 2W= 13B+ 6W= 1W= 6
4 GM Murey, Yaacov ISL 2505 25B= 22W+ 5B= 9W+ 3W= 4B= 19B+ 2W- 8W+ 6
5 GM Cámpora, Daniel Hugo ARG 2545 15W+ 8B= 4W= 3B- 18W+ 6W+ 2B+ 1B- 14W+ 6
6 GM Rodríguez Céspedes, Amador CUB 2515 23W+ 1B- 10W+ 8B= 21W+ 5B- 16W+ 3B= 12W+ 6
7 IM Cifuentes Parada, Roberto CHI 2490 9W= 13B+ 3W= 19B+ 16W= 8B+ 1W- 11W+ 2B-
8 GM Geller, Efim Petrovich URS 2515 18B+ 5W= 9B= 6W= 14B+ 7W- 11B= 15W+ 4B- 5
9 FM Belkhodja, Slim TUN 2375 7B= 17W+ 8W= 4B- 24W+ 13B- 14W= 16B+ 10W= 5
10 IM Douven, Rudy Clemens NED 2425 19B- 12W+ 6B- 18W= 27B= 20W= 22B+ 13W+ 9B= 5
11 GM Faragó, Iván HUN 2475 12B+ 19W+ 2W= 1B- 13W= 16B= 8W= 7B- 17B+ 5
12 FM Carlier, Bruno NED 2380 11W- 10B- 17B= 28W+ 22B= 27B= 18W+ 19W+ 6B-
13 FM Riemersma, Liafbern NED 2345 17W+ 7W- 20B= 27W+ 11B= 9W+ 3W- 10B- 15B=
14 IM Ligterink, Gert NED 2450 27B+ 14W- 18B= 22W+ 8W- 21B= 9B= 20W+ 5B-
15 IM Winants, Luc BEL 2440 5B- 18W- 23W+ 24B- 28W+ 27W+ 21W+ 8B- 13W=
16 IM van der Sterren, Paul NED 2525 28W+ 16B+ 1W= 2B- 7B= 11W= 6B- 9W- 22B+ 4
17 GM Gutman, Lev ISL 2475 13B- 9B- 12W= 23B- 26W= 28B+ 24W+ 21B+ 11W- 4
18 IM de Boer, Gert-Jan NED 2390 8W- 15B+ 14W= 10B= 5B- 22W= 12B- 25B+ 24W= 4
19 GM Lobron, Eric GER 2530 10W+ 11B- 21W= 7W- 25W+ 24B+ 4W- 12B- 20W= 4
20 GM Mednis, Edmar John USA 2445 26W+ 2B- 13W= 21B- 23W= 10B= 25W+ 14B- 19B= 4
21 FM Marinković, Ivan YUG 2420 2W- 26B+ 19B= 20W+ 6B- 14W= 15B- 17W- 27W+ 4
22 IM Kuijf, Marinus NED 2430 3W= 4B- 25W+ 14B- 12W= 18B= 10W- 26B+ 16W-
23 IM Heinbuch, Detlef Ulrich GER 2380 6B- 24W= 15B- 17W+ 20B= 25W- 28W- 27B+ 26W=
24 IM Romero Holmes, Alfonso ESP 2440 1W- 23B= 27B= 15W+ 9B- 19W- 17B- 28W+ 18B=
25 FM Peelen, Piet NED 2385 4W= 3B- 22B- 26W+ 19B- 23B+ 20B- 18W- 28B+
26 Dam, Ruurd NED 20B- 21W- 28W= 25B- 17B= 12W= 27B+ 22W- 23B= 3
27 Beulen, Marcel NED 14W- 28B+ 24W= 13B- 10W= 15B- 26W- 23W- 21B- 2
28 IM Boersma, Paulus NED 2410 16B- 27W- 26B= 12B- 15B- 17W- 23B+ 24B- 25W-

[1] has all the games, although it reports the result of the 6th round game between Cámpora and Rodríguez Céspedes wrongly. The results were given in [2], except for most from the fourth round. Luckily, the results given in [1] seem compatible with the final results from [2]. This tournament was held in the Krasnopolsky hotel in Amsterdam. The main event was a six-player double round-robin event, which van der Wiel won, half a point before Chandler, Gulko, and Timman. The dates were kindly provided by Mr. Olthof, who gives the tournament bulletin as his source.


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  1. 365chess.com
  2. Algemeen Dagblad 03-14/08/1987
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