6th IBCA world championship, Moscow

07-10-1986 > 19-10-1986

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Tot
1 Berlinsky, Vladimir URS 4B+ 8W= 5B+ 2W+ 3W+ 18B+ 10B= 6W= 7B- 15W+ 12W+
2 Dukaczewsksi, Piotr POL 6B+ 15W+ 11W+ 1B- 18B= 3W+ 5W+ 4B- 8W+ 7B+ 10W+
3 Dobierzin, Olaf GDR 14W+ 7W= 16B= 8W+ 1B- 2B- 13W+ 17W+ 5B+ 4W+ 15B+ 8
4 Magnusson, Jörgen SWE 1W- 19W+ 12B+ 10W= 11B+ 5B- 18W+ 2W+ 6B+ 3B- 7W+
5 Krylov, Sergey URS 8B= 13B+ 1W- 9B+ 7W+ 4W+ 2B- 10W+ 3W- 6B= 18W+ 7
6 Lilley, Graham ENG 2W- 18B- 19W+ 22B+ 24W+ 16B+ 8W+ 1B= 4W- 5W= 14B+ 7
7 FM Novák, Ivan CZE 2290 17W+ 3B= 10B= 23W+ 5B- 8W- 16W+ 18B+ 1W+ 2W- 4B- 6
8 Strokov, Anatoly URS 5W= 1B= 22W+ 3B- 20W+ 7B+ 6B- 11W+ 2B- 10B+ 9W- 6
9 Erős, Pál HUN 18B= 10W- 14B= 5W- 19B+ 11W= 17B- 24W+ 21B+ 13W= 8B+ 6
10 Čabarkapa, Milenko YUG 2285 13W= 9B+ 7W= 4B= 16W= 23B+ 1W= 5B- 12B+ 8W- 2B-
11 Fesche, Svein Tore NOR 19B+ 12W+ 2B- 16W= 4W- 9B= F23+ 8B- 17B= 14W- 20B+
12 Torres Saulo, Jesús COL 20W+ 11B- 4W- 14B= 22W+ 13W- 21B+ 16B+ 10W- 17W+ 1B-
13 Bibas, David ISR 10B= 5W- 17B= 20W= 14W= 12B+ 3B- 15W- 19B+ 9B= 16W= 5
14 Makelä, Reijo FIN 3B- 17B= 9W= 12W= 13B= 21W- 15B- 19W+ 22B+ 11B+ 6W- 5
15 Rubio Mancebón, Pedro José ESP 22B+ 2B- 24W- 17W- 21B- 20B+ 14W+ 13B+ 18W+ 1B- 3W- 5
16 Boerefijn, Martinus NED 25W+ 23B= 3W= 11B= 10B= 6W- 7B- 12W- 20W= 21B+ 13B= 5
17 Irimia, Mihai ROM 7B- 14W= 13W= 15B+ 23W- 24B+ 9W+ 3B- 11W= 12B- 21W= 5
18 Dimitrov, Giovani BUL 9W= 6W+ 23B= 24B+ 2W= 1W- 4B- 7W- 15B- 22W+ 5B-
19 Hatziapostolidis, Efstalotis GRE 11W- 4B- 6B- 21W= 9W- 22B+ 20W+ 14B- 13W- bye 24B+ 4
20 Hammermayer, Franz AUT 12B- 22W- 21W+ 13B= 8B- 15W- 19B- bye 16B= 24W+ 11W-
21 Bhimani, Ratilal Zinabhai IND ABS 24W- 20B- 19B= 15W+ 14B+ 12W- 22B= 9W- 16W- 17B=
22 Rozzi, Enzo ITA 15W- 20B+ 8B- 6W- 12B- 19W- 24B+ 21W= 14W- 18B- bye 3
23 Heinich, Manfred BRD 24B+ 16W= 18W= 7B- 17B+ 10W- F11- ABS ABS ABS ABS 3
24 Van Speybrouck, Philippe BEL 23W- 21B+ 15B+ 18W- 6B- 17W- 22W- 9B- bye 20B- 19W-

[1] has a lot of organisational details, including the tempo (40 moves in 2:30), the exact dates, and the final standings. Together with the full games as given in [2] this allowed for the reconstruction of the above table. The Indian player was delayed. In the first round, his place was taken by Dutchman Bestman. When he did arrive in the end, he took Bestman’s loss and Bestman retired. Later, the pairing commission mistakenly paired him with Boerefijn again. Heinich had to retire due to eye complaints. This resulted in a bye, which apparently was worth only half a point.


  • Not much.


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  2. 365chess.com
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