5th NATO championship, Breda

28-11-1994 > 02-12-1994

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tot
1 van der Linden, Lucas NED 42B+ 31W+ 19B+ 34B+ 3W= 2W= 5B+ 6
2 IM Koch, Jean-René FRA 2475 33W= 43B+ 36W+ 20B+ 10W+ 1B= 12W+ 6
3 FM Grotnes, Nils NOR 2325 27B+ 6W+ 44B+ 22W+ 1B= 5W- 11B+
4 Borbjerggaard, Lars DEN 2115 65B+ 13W= 43B+ 9W= 11W= 10B+ 8W+
5 Fuhrmann, Dirk GER 2195 18W+ 26B= 33W+ 8B= 34W+ 3B+ 1W- 5
6 Brameld, Arthur ENG 45W+ 3B- 42W= 35B+ 30W= 21B+ 28B+ 5
7 Moen, Steinar NOR 52W+ 8B- 46W= 45B+ 19W+ 29B= 23W+ 5
8 Smeele, Pieter NED 16W+ 7B+ 9B= 5W= 32B= 38W+ 4B-
9 Benedetti, Fabrizio ITA 2250 23W+ 35B+ 8W= 4B= 12W- 37B+ 25W=
10 Homann, Steffen GER 15B= 55W+ 28B+ 24W+ 2B- 4W- 49B+
11 Ludden, Gert-Jan NED 46W+ 36B+ 34W- 26B+ 4W= 23B+ 3W-
12 Hammond, Andrew ENG 31B- 54W+ 27B+ 44W+ 9B+ 28W= 2B-
13 FM Deleyn, Gunter BEL 2320 51W+ 4B= 26W= 23B- 46W+ 20B= 35W+
14 Simon, F GER 55B= 15W= 39B= 40W+ 24B+ 22W= 16B=
15 Ortoft, Kai NOR 10W= 14B= 35W= 63B+ 29W+ 30B= 17W=
16 Nielsen, Rene DEN 2255 8W- 30B= 49W+ 21B= 56W+ 32B+ 14W=
17 Pedersen, Jacob Bang DEN 2205 19W- 59B+ 60W+ 29B= 20W= 34B+ 15B=
18 Indbryn, Tommy NOR 5B- 53W+ 29W- 58B+ 36W= 42B+ 30W+
19 Clifford, Neil ENG 17B+ 37B+ 1W- 32W= 7B- 39W+ 27B= 4
20 Egeli, Per Ove NOR 40B+ 48W+ 24B= 2W- 17B= 13W= 22B= 4
21 Gooris, Jan BEL 39W+ 24B- 31B= 16W= 47B+ 6W- 43B+ 4
22 Duijn, Richard NED 66B+ 32W+ 47B+ 3B- 23W- 14B= 20W= 4
23 Kemp, Peter ENG 2230 9B- 64W+ 67B+ 13W+ 22B+ 11W- 7B- 4
24 Frederiksen, Henrik DEN 68W+ 21B+ 20W= 10B- 14W- 41B= 46W+ 4
25 Seitz, Michael GER 2245 50B+ 28W= 32B- 39W= 44B+ 40W= 9B= 4
26 Madsen, Egon DEN 67B+ 5W= 13B= 11W- 38B- 56W+ 44B+ 4
27 Daamen, Ferry NED 3W- 57B+ 12W- 50B= 51W+ 58B+ 19W= 4
28 Kolås, Tore NOR 69B+ 25B= 10W- 48W+ 42B+ 12B= 6W- 4
29 Lane, Paul USA 59B+ 34W- 18B+ 17W= 15B- 7W= 38B=
30 Dignum, Erik NED 38B= 16W= 48B= 55W+ 6B= 15W= 18B-
31 Nilsson, Erik DEN 12W+ 1B- 21W= 46B= 50W= 52B= 37W=
32 Lemmens, Philip BEL 61B+ 22B- 25W+ 19B= 8W= 16W- 39B=
33 Nielsen, Finn DEN 2B= 56W+ 5B- 41W= 39B- 50W+ 40B=
34 le Bourhis, Dominique FRA 70W+ 29B+ 11B+ 1W- 5B- 17W- 41W=
35 Hamann, Carsten GER 53B+ 9W- 15B= 6W- 64B+ 55W+ 13B-
36 Dreesen, Jan GER 64B+ 11W- 2B- 54W+ 18B= 44W- 68B+
37 Huylebroeck, Roland BEL 54B+ 19W- 40B= 47W= 43B+ 9W- 31B=
38 Tommasini, Enzo ITA 30W= 60B- 54W= 57B+ 26W+ 8B- 29W=
39 McAleer, Jeffrey USA 21W- 70B+ 14W= 25B= 33W+ 19B- 32W=
40 Stefurak, USA 20W- 68B+ 37W= 14B- 63W+ 25B= 33W=
41 Toll, Alec ENG 43W- 45B- 61W+ 33B= 60W+ 24W= 34B=
42 Koopmeiners, Karl GER 1W- 62W+ 6B= 60B+ 28W- 18W- 53B= 3
43 Ukkelberg, Øyvind NOR 41B+ 2W- 4W- 52B+ 37W- 66B+ 21W- 3
44 Vervust, Johan BEL 57W+ 63B+ 3W- 12B- 25W- 36B+ 26W- 3
45 Parisse, Denis FRA 6B- 41W+ 38B= 7W- 59B= 47W= 52B= 3
46 Parnet, Arnaud FRA 11B- 69W+ 7B= 31W= 13B- 59W+ 24B- 3
47 Paul, E ? 60W= 49B+ 22W- 37B= 21W- 45B= 51W= 3
48 Sobottka, Frank GER 58W+ 20B- 30W= 28B- 49W= 51B- 65W+ 3
49 Maxia, Giuseppe ITA 56B= 47W- 16B- 61W+ 48B= 64W+ 10W- 3
50 Steele, G. S. USA 25W- 58B= 65W= 27W= 31B= 33B- 63W+ 3
51 Sage, S. W. ? 13B- 65W+ 55B- 59W= 27B- 48W+ 47B= 3
52 Ramroop, D. ? 7B- 67W= 64B= 43W- 62B+ 31W= 45B= 3
53 van Keulen, M. NED 35W- 18B- 57W- 70B+ 55B= 60W+ 42W= 3
54 Mastroieni, G. ITA 37W- 12B- 70W+ 36B- 57W= 63B= 66W+ 3
55 Charles, Freddy BEL 14W= 10B- 51W+ 30B- 53W= 35B- 61W=
56 De Cat, Ben BEL 49W= 33B- 63W= 66W+ 16B- 26B- 58W=
57 McInnes, Neil ENG 44B- 27W- 53B+ 38W- 54B= 68W= 59B=
58 Molin, Fabio ITA 48B- 50W= 66B= 18W- 67B+ 27W- 56B=
59 Gaudiosi, M. ITA 29W- 17W- 69B+ 51B= 45W= 46B- 57W=
60 Nang, R. N. ? 47B= 38W+ 17B- 42W- 41B- 53B- 70W+
61 Carbone, Antonio ITA 32W- 66W= 41B- 49B- 69W= 70W+ 55B=
62 Malchair, David BEL 63W- 42B- 68W= 65B= 52W- 67W= 69B+
63 Foulds, Andrew ENG 62B+ 44W- 56B= 15W- 40B- 54W= 50B- 2
64 Carreau, Pascal FRA 36W- 23B- 52W= 68B+ 35W- 49B- 67W= 2
65 van Diermen, Henk NED 4W- 51B- 50B= 62W= 66B- 69W+ 48B- 2
66 Stuhr, Finn DEN 22W- 61B= 58W= 56B- 65W+ 43W- 54B- 2
67 Kruit, Erik NED 26W- 52B= 23W- 69B= 58W- 62B= 64B= 2
68 Porter, R. ENG 24B- 40W- 62B= 64W- 70B+ 57B= 36W- 2
69 Bower, Scott ENG 28W- 46B- 59W- 67W= 61B= 65B- 62W- 1
70 Parrott, Andrew ENG 34B- 39W- 54B- 53W- 68W- 61B- 60B- 0

The NATO chess site ([2]) has a full crosstable, but there are some problems in it. However, [1] gives a full and perfectly consistent crosstable. Finally, what little games I have come from [3]. [1] mentions that Berger and von Ibenfeldt were arbiters.

The format was the same as always: a individual Swiss tournament, avoiding pairing team mates, with the best four scores for each team leading to a countries classification, which was as below. Finally, there was also a blitz tournament. [1] mentions that there were 37 participants, but gives only what are probably the scores of some final group — or perhaps the main group with every team’s top player:

1. Borbjerggaard 5 2-3. Koch & Homann 4½ 4. Egeli 4 5. Deleyn 3½ 6. van der Linden 3 7. Tommasini 2½

1 Norway 19½ Grotnes Moen 5 Ortoft Indbryn
2 The Netherlands 19 van der Linden 6 Smeele Ludden Duijn 4
3 Denmark 18½ Borbjerggaard Nielsen Pedersen Frederiksen 4
4 Germany 18 Fuhrmann 5 Homann Simon Seitz 4
5 United Kingdom 17½ Brameld 5 Hammond Clifford 4 Kemp 4
6 France 15½ Koch 6 Le Bourhis Parisse 3 Parnet 3
7 Belgium 15½ Deleyn Gooris 4 Lemmens Huylebroeck
8 Italy 14 Benedetti Tommasini Maxia 3 Mastroieni 3
9 USA 13½ Lane McAleer Stefurak Steele 3
10 NATO 10 Dignum Koopmeiners 3 Molin Bower 1


  • Almost all games.
  • Some first names and nationalities.


  1. The Week in Chess No.27
  2. NATO chess
  3. 365chess.com
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