4th festival magistrale, Caorle

04-07-1981 > 12-07-1981

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tot
1 GM Martinović, Slobodan YUG 2405 60N+ 8B+ 96N+ 68N+ 2B½ 3N½ 31B+ 9N+ 4B½
2 Barlov, Dragan YUG 2415 85B+ 112B+ 42N+ 40N+ 1N½ 4B+ 24B+ 3B½ 5N½
3 IM Cebalo, Mišo YUG 2500 50N½ 14B+ 18N½ 51B+ 11N+ 1B½ 8B+ 2N½ 7N+ 7
4 FM Taruffi, Daniele ITA 2370 75B+ 83N+ 35N½ 69B+ 67N+ 2N- 34B+ 10B+ 1N½ 7
5 Martin, Andrew David ENG 2345 104N+ 33B+ 67N½ 25B½ 72B+ 34N½ 12B+ 17N+ 2B½ 7
6 Anceschi, Vittorio ITA 16B½ 41N+ 71B½ 31B- 83N+ 35N½ 36B+ 33B+ 24N+
7 Kuzmanović, Milan YUG 32B½ 47N+ 50B+ 23B+ 10N½ 9N½ 37B½ 15N+ 3B- 6
8 Meo, Sandro ITA 31N+ 1N- 11B½ 86B+ 44N+ 23B+ 3N- 70N+ 20B½ 6
9 Sandić, Vladesta YUG 73N+ 27B½ 32N½ 16B+ 79N+ 7B½ 33N+ 1B- 18N½ 6
10 Aleksić, Nenad YUG 103N+ 84B+ 19N½ 35B+ 7B½ 15B½ 13N+ 4N- 26B½ 6
11 IM Danner, Georg AUT 2410 76N+ 96B½ 8N½ 56N+ 3B- 21B+ 42N½ 31N+ 14B½ 6
12 van Mil, Johannes NED 2230 28N+ 36B- 22N½ 94B+ 54N+ 39B+ 5N- 13B½ 67B+ 6
13 Grooten, Hermann NED 2355 55B½ 88N+ 37B½ 19B+ 15N½ 68N+ 10B- 12N½ 38N+ 6
14 GM Nikolić, Stanimir YUG 2385 74B+ 3N- 38B½ 50N+ 32B½ 51B+ 52N+ 24N½ 11N½ 6
15 Micheli, Carlo ITA 2310 63B+ 82B- 80N+ 53B+ 13B½ 10N½ 26N+ 7B- 34B+ 6
16 Freundorfer, Josef GER 6N½ 78B+ 17B½ 9N- 85B+ 71N- 68B+ 25B+ 35N+ 6
17 Fornari, Giuseppe ITA 108N+ 40B½ 16N½ 77B+ 36B+ 24N- 67N+ 5B- 42N+ 6
18 Radonjanin, Vlastimir YUG 2335 93B+ 37N½ 3B½ 52N- 88N+ 73B½ 53N+ 27B+ 9B½ 6
19 Bruno, Fabio ITA 107B+ 53N+ 10B½ 13N- 84B+ 33B- 58N+ 37N+ 22B½ 6
20 Ceschia, Ivano ITA 90B+ 86N½ 21B+ 72N½ 39B½ 31B- 61N+ 28B+ 8N½ 6
21 Lanzani, Mario ITA 56B½ 98N½ 20N- 105B+ 43B+ 11N- 60B+ 45N+ 36N+ 6
22 Van Hoolandt, Patrick BEL 34N- 91B+ 12B½ 33B- 104N+ 84N+ 69B+ 29N+ 19N½ 6
23 IM Košanski, Stanko YUG 2440 113B+ 79N+ 82B½ 7N- 45B+ 8N- 32B½ 52B+ 37N+ 6
24 Triller, Rudolph MNC 48N+ 54B½ 98B+ 39B½ 68N+ 17B+ 2N- 14B½ 6B-
25 Santolini, Luigi ITA 2265 67N+ 92B+ 95B+ 5N½ 33N- 41B+ 29B- 16N- 85N+
26 Sieglen, Joachim GER 87B½ 55N+ 69B- 57N+ 35B½ 46N+ 15B- 65N+ 10N½
27 Godena, Michele ITA 99B+ 9N½ 52B½ 32B½ 82N+ 37N- 73B+ 18N- 59B+
28 Sibilio, Mario ITA 12B- 64B+ 44B½ 54N- 106N+ 97N+ 40B+ 20N- 50B+
29 FM Kovačević, Slobodan YUG 2280 83B- 75N- 91N+ 92B+ 41B½ 89B+ 25N+ 22B- 62N+
30 Đorđijević, Slobodan YUG 35N- 57N½ 46N- 99B- 108B+ 88N+ 87N+ 58B+ 53B+
31 Blees, Albert NED 2240 8B- 60N+ 56N½ 6N+ 38B+ 20N+ 1N- 11B- 39N½ 5
32 Gostiša, Leon YUG 7N½ 45B+ 9B½ 27N½ 14N½ 79B+ 23N½ 38B½ 43N- 5
33 Andrić, Dragoslav YUG 101N+ 5N- 104B½ 22N+ 25B+ 19N+ 9B- 6N- 49B½ 5
34 IM Kouatly, Bachar LIB 2375 22B+ 69N- 62B+ 83N+ 58B+ 5B½ 4N- 35B½ 15N- 5
35 Rosino, Antonio ITA 2300 30B+ 114N+ 4B½ 10N- 26N½ 6B½ 71B+ 34N½ 16B- 5
36 Vujović, Milorad YUG 2330 64N+ 12N+ 68B- 42B+ 17N- 54B+ 6N- 71N+ 21B- 5
37 Trajković, Michel YUG 111N+ 18B½ 13N½ 82N+ 52B½ 27B+ 7N½ 19B- 23B- 5
38 Polajzer, Danilo YUG 2315 43N½ 56B½ 14N½ 96B+ 31N- 50B+ 39N+ 32N½ 13B- 5
39 Anđelković, Svetislav YUG 81B+ 72B½ 86B+ 24N½ 20N½ 12N- 38B- 78N+ 31B½ 5
40 Coppini, Giorgio ITA 2265 77N+ 17N½ 54B+ 2B- 89N+ 67B- 28N- 97N+ 44B½ 5
41 Kosanović, Goran YUG 2200 62N½ 6B- 55N½ 75B+ 29N½ 25N- 83B+ 51N½ 70B+ 5
42 Cuijpers, Frans André NED 106N+ 97B+ 2B- 36N- 77N+ 72B+ 11B½ 67N½ 17B- 5
43 Belamarić, Goran YUG 38B½ 70B½ 51N- 76B+ 21N- 74N+ 79B- 44B+ 32B+ 5
44 Martorelli, Antonio ITA 2250 94B+ 68B- 28N½ 78N+ 8B- 86B+ 64N+ 43N- 40N½ 5
45 Zupe, Miran YUG 100B½ 32N- 99B+ 47B+ 23N- 70N½ 93B+ 21B- 73N+ 5
46 Preissmann, Emanuel SUI 2340 58B½ 87N½ 30B+ 84N½ 69N½ 26B- 62N½ 85B½ 71B+ 5
47 Pagnutti, Lorenzo ITA 70N½ 7B- 59B+ 45N- 61B- 111N+ 99B+ 73N½ 74B+ 5
48 Barlocco, Carlo ITA 24B- 110N½ 89B- 111N½ 66B- 105N+ 101N+ 77B+ 54B+ 5
49 Torrielli, Domenico ITA 112N- 85N- 108B+ 97N- 110B+ 77B½ 95N+ 92B+ 33N½ 5
50 Kovač, Darko YUG 3B½ 51B+ 7N- 14B- 59N+ 38N- 98B+ 76B+ 28N-
51 Kinlay, Jonathan ENG 2265 59B+ 50N- 43B+ 3N- 74B+ 14N- 76N- 41B½ 72N+
52 Ponzetto, Pietro ITA 88B½ 100N+ 27N½ 18B+ 37N½ 53B½ 14B- 23N- 55N½
53 Radosavljević, Slobodan YUG 65N+ 19B- 107B+ 15N- 63B+ 52N½ 18B- 82B+ 30N-
54 Rasidović, Sead UIG 110B+ 24N½ 40N- 28B+ 12B- 36N- 106N+ 64B+ 48N-
55 Shapiro, Oscar USA 13N½ 26B- 41B½ 65N½ 57B½ 63N½ 85B½ 93N+ 52B½
56 Paniagua, Roberto PAN 2265 21N½ 38N½ 31B½ 11B- 96B½ 60N- 81N½ 98B+ 86B+
57 Falchetta, Giovanni ITA 84N- 30B½ 63N+ 26B- 55N½ 91B+ 82N½ 87B½ 65B½
58 Schoute, Floris NED 46N½ 62B½ 114B+ 71N+ 34N- 69B½ 19B- 30N- 84B+
59 Fornaciari, Marco ITA 51N- 76B½ 47N- 109B+ 50B- 99N+ 63B+ 61B+ 27N-
60 Ciuffoletti, Paolo ITA 1B- 31B- 90N- 108N+ 105N+ 56B+ 21N- 86N½ 106B+
61 Kuzmanović, Nenad YUG 79B- 74N- 102N+ 70B½ 47N+ 87B+ 20B- 59N- 88B+
62 Matošević, Marin YUG 41B½ 58N½ 34N- 91B- 114N+ 75N+ 46B½ 69N+ 29B-
63 Serpi, Andrea ITA 15N- 93N+ 57B- 80B+ 53N- 55B½ 59N- 107N+ 82B+
64 Zöbisch, Herbert AUT 2215 36B- 28N- 106B+ 90N½ 94N+ 78B+ 44B- 54N- 89B+
65 Wagman, Stuart USA 2235 53B- 80N- 103B+ 55B½ 112N+ 82B½ 84N+ 26B- 57N½
66 Smit, Daan NED 68N- 94N½ 78B- 110B½ 48N+ 98N½ 86B½ 89N½ 81B+
67 Bollek, Jan YUG 25B- 95N+ 5B½ 85N+ 4B- 40N+ 17B- 42B½ 12N- 4
68 Messa, Roberto ITA 2290 66B+ 44N+ 36N+ 1B- 24B- 13B- 16N- 72B- 97N+ 4
69 Belotti, Bruno ITA 71B½ 34B+ 26N+ 4N- 46B½ 58N½ 22N- 62B- 75B½ 4
70 Bastijanić, Dusan YUG 47B½ 43N½ 74B- 61N½ 99N+ 45B½ 72N+ 8B- 41N- 4
71 Boll, Peter NED 69N½ 102B+ 6N½ 58B- 107N+ 16B+ 35N- 36B- 46N- 4
72 Ujhazi, Ivan YUG 109B+ 39N½ 105B+ 20B½ 5N- 42N- 70B- 68N+ 51B- 4
73 Dragoijević, Antonina YUG 9B- 113N+ 79B- 93N+ 100B+ 18N½ 27N- 47B½ 45B- 4
74 Fabbri, Mario ITA 14N- 61B+ 70N+ 79B- 51N- 43B- 96N+ 90B+ 47N- 4
75 Sgaravatti, Francesco ITA 4N- 29B+ 83B- 41N- 101N+ 62B- 91N½ 104B+ 69N½ 4
76 D’Amore, Carlo ITA 2225 11B- 59N½ 81B½ 43N- 102N- 96N+ 51B+ 50N- 92B+ 4
77 Kindij, Igor YUG 40B- 108N+ 97B+ 17N- 42B- 49N½ 89B½ 48N- 101N+ 4
78 Ubezio, Marco ITA 98B½ 16N- 66N+ 44B- 81N+ 64N- 97B½ 39B- 109N+ 4
79 Belić, Dušan YUG 61N+ 23B- 73N+ 74N+ 9B- 32N- 43N+ 0F- 0F- 4
80 Weber, Siegfrid GER 82N- 65B+ 15B- 63N- 91N- 107B½ 102N+ 83N½ 100B+ 4
81 Vallifuoco, Giovanni ITA 39N- 109B+ 76N½ 98N½ 78B- 90N½ 56B½ 105B+ 66N- 4
82 Ryman, Peter USA 80B+ 15N+ 23N½ 37B- 27B- 65N½ 57B½ 53N- 63N-
83 Schüring, Andreas AUT 29N+ 4B- 75N+ 34B- 6B- 92N½ 41N- 80B½ 87N½
84 Giuliano, Arturo ITA 57B+ 10N- 87B+ 46B½ 19N- 22B- 65B- 91N+ 58N-
85 Kvist, Arnold SWE 2N- 49B+ 112N+ 67B- 16N- 95B½ 55N½ 46N½ 25B-
86 Satta, Vladimiro ITA 105B+ 20B½ 39N- 8N- 90B+ 44N- 66N½ 60B½ 56N-
87 Masera, Umberto ITA 26N½ 46B½ 84N- 107N+ 97B½ 61N- 30B- 57N½ 83B½
88 Mengarini, Ariel USA 52N½ 13B- 111N+ 100N½ 18B- 30B- 103N+ 96B½ 61N-
89 Billio, Atto ITA 97N- 106B½ 48N+ 104B+ 40B- 29N- 77N½ 66B½ 64N-
90 Fabisch, Christian AUT 20N- 105N- 60B+ 64B½ 86N- 81B½ 100N+ 74N- 93B½
91 Facchetti, Gianni ITA 114B- 22N- 29B- 62N+ 80B+ 57N- 75B½ 84B- 107N+
92 Milavec, Frank YUG 95B- 25N- 101N+ 29N- 109B+ 83B½ 104B+ 49N- 76N-
93 Colombo, Paolo ITA 18N- 63B- 113N+ 73B- 111B+ 100N+ 45N- 55B- 90N½
94 Füß, Bert GER 44N- 66B½ 110N+ 12N- 64B- 106N+ 109N- 111B½ 105N½
95 Tirabassi, Maurizio ITA 92N+ 67B- 25N- 112B½ 98B½ 85N½ 49B- 106N- 104N+
96 Magrin, Antonio ITA 102B+ 11N½ 1B- 38N- 56N½ 76B- 74B- 88N½ 98N½ 3
97 Horvat, Ivan YUG 89B+ 42N- 77N- 49B+ 87N½ 28B- 78N½ 40B- 68B- 3
98 Mammola, Dino ITA 78N½ 21B½ 24N- 81B½ 95N½ 66B½ 50N- 56N- 96B½ 3
99 Bonavoglia, Guido ITA 27N- 111B½ 45N- 30N+ 70B- 59B- 47N- 102B½ 114B+ 3
100 Kariz, Peter YUG 45N½ 52B- 109N+ 88B½ 73N- 93B- 90B- 103N+ 80N- 3
101 Bini, Lorenzo ITA 33B- 104N- 92B- 103N+ 75B- 110N+ 48B- 108N+ 77B- 3
102 Ragazzini, Carlo ITA 96N- 71N- 61B- 113B+ 76B+ 109N½ 80B- 99N½ 103B- 3
103 Turchi, Paolo ITA 10B- 107N- 65N- 101B- 113N+ 114B+ 88B- 100B- 102N+ 3
104 Harnett, Robert ENG 5B- 101B+ 33N½ 89N- 22B- 112B+ 92N- 75N- 95B-
105 Thurner, Herbert USA 86N- 90B+ 72N- 21N- 60B- 48B- 111B+ 81N- 94B½
106 Ladanyike-Karakas, Eva HUN 42B- 89N½ 64N- 114B+ 28B- 94B- 54B- 95B+ 60N-
107 Marianović, Slanko YUG 19N- 103B+ 53N- 87B- 71B- 80N½ 112B+ 63B- 91B-
108 Krstev, Krum YUG 17B- 77B- 49N- 60B- 30N- 113B+ 114N+ 101B- 110N½
109 Rossato, Gino ITA 72N- 81N- 100B- 59N- 92N- 102B½ 94B+ 110N+ 78B-
110 Stefanović, Vlastinia YUG 54N- 48B½ 94B- 66N½ 49N- 101B- 113N+ 109B- 108B½
111 Klinth, Jorgen GER 37B- 99N½ 88B- 48B½ 93N- 47B- 105N- 94N½ 113B½ 2
112 Komnenić, Branko YUG 49B+ 2N- 85B- 95N½ 65B- 104N- 107N- 0F- 0F-
113 Bandini, Roberto ITA 23N- 73B- 93B- 102N- 103B- 108N- 110B- 114N+ 111N½
114 Voscilla, Adriano ITA 91N+ 35B- 58N- 106N- 62B- 103N- 108B- 113B- 99N- 1

One can more or less deduce Caorle’s geographical location in the Northeast of Italy from the field, which includes a large contingent of Yugoslavian players. Van Hoolandt, who was at this point playing under the flag of Luxembourg, had a decent tournament. All information I have comes from [1] with the exclusion of titles, ratings, and nationalities. There might be some errors in the last category. [1] also doesn’t give the dates of all the games. I have assumed that one game was played per day, but this too might be wrong. Finally, the pairings seem slightly odd, as Van Hoolandt had three successive blacks in rounds two to four.


  • I am not at all sure about the nationalities. Quite a few may be wrong.


  1. FSI website [accessed on 5 August 2021]
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