20th international festival, Arco

24-10-1998 > 31-10-1998

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tot
1 GM Godena, Michele ITA 2510 33W+ 7B+ 13W+ 2W= 5B= 9W= 3B= 10B= 8W+
2 GM Tiviakov, Sergey RUS 2655 21W+ 14B+ 4W+ 1B= 10W= 8B= 9W+ 7B= 5W=
3 GM Slobodjan, Roman GER 2575 25W+ 12B= 36W+ 5B- 4W+ 11B+ 1W= 8B= 7W+
4 GM Timoščenko, Genadij SVK 2470 26B+ 8W+ 2B- 15W+ 3B- 35W+ 6W= 11B+ 9W+
5 GM Khenkin, Igor RUS 2600 39B= 20W+ 15B+ 3W+ 1W= 10B= 8W= 6B= 2B= 6
6 GM Rotstein, Arkadij UKR 2515 18B+ 13W- 26B+ 12W+ 9B- 15W+ 4B= 5W= 16B+ 6
7 IM Garbisu de Goñi, Unai ESPS 2395 41B+ 1W- 31B+ 11B= 29W+ 16B+ 10W+ 2W= 3B- 6
8 GM Naumkin, Igor RUS 2475 19W+ 4B- 28W+ 14B+ 13W+ 2W= 5B= 3W= 1B-
9 IM Cacho Reigadas, Sergio ESP 2425 17W+ 28B+ 11W+ 10B- 6W+ 1B= 2B- 13W+ 4B-
10 IM Ortega, Lexy CUB 2490 20B= 39W+ 35B+ 9W+ 2B= 5W= 7B- 1W= 12B=
11 FM Rossi, Carlo ITA 2355 42W+ 27B+ 9B- 7W= 12B+ 3W- 26B+ 4W- 20B+
12 Rahls, Peter GER 2205 44B+ 3W= 16W+ 6B- 11W- 22B= 29W+ 14B+ 10W=
13 FM Lanzani, Mario ITA 2395 24W+ 6B+ 1B- 27W+ 8B- 30W+ 14W= 9B- 22W+
14 IM Tatai, Stefano ITA 2395 40B+ 2W- 17B+ 8W- 35B= 20W+ 13B= 12W- 26B+ 5
15 Niedermayr, Horst AUT 2225 43W+ 32B+ 5W- 4B- 33W+ 6B- 22W= 19B= 30W+ 5
16 Luciani, Carlo ITA 2240 35B= 30W+ 12B- 41W+ 20B+ 7W- 17B= 23W+ 6W- 5
17 Blum, Gernot GER 2135 9B- 44W+ 14W- 34B+ 28B= 37W+ 16W= 22B- 27W+ 5
18 FM Wagman, Stuart USA 2170 6W- 43B= 37W+ 20B- 23W= 27B= 36W+ 21B= 32B+ 5
19 Zinani, Alessandro ITA 2145 8B- 21W= 23B- 39B= 32W= 40W+ 41B+ 15W= 31B+ 5
20 Lantini, Marco ITA 2145 10W= 5B- 21B+ 18W+ 16W- 14B- 33W+ 28B+ 11W-
21 Schumacher, Helmut BEL 2185 2B- 19B= 20W- 25B= 34W+ 24W= 37B+ 18W= 23B=
22 Mahn, Franko GER 2205 23B= 31W= 24B= 35W- 40B+ 12W= 15B= 17W+ 13B-
23 Frank, Albert BEL 2020 22W= 36B- 19W+ 30W= 18B= 29B= 35W+ 16B- 21W=
24 Siegmund, Rainer GER 2130 13B- 25W+ 22W= 29B- 36W= 21B= 27W= 34B= 35W+
25 Cucinella, Vincenzo ITA 2175 3B- 24B- 34W= 21W= 38B+ 31W= 32B= 35B= 36W+
26 Prelati, Maurizzio ITA 2140 4W- 38B+ 6W- 43B+ 31B+ 28W= 11W- 29B= 14W- 4
27 Ricci, Marco ITA 2190 34W+ 11W- 32F+ 13B- 30B- 18W= 24B= 38W+ 17B- 4
28 Ptaschinski, Dirk GER 2205 38W+ 9W- 8B- 36B+ 17W= 26B= 30W= 20W- 29B= 4
29 Korte, Markus GER 2220 30B= 35W- 40B+ 24W+ 7B- 23W= 12B- 26W= 28W= 4
30 Lovati, Paolo ITA 2050 29W= 16B- 42W+ 23B= 27W+ 13B- 28B= 31W= 15B- 4
31 Schweiger, Georg GER 2220 36W= 22B= 7W- 38B+ 26W- 25B= 39W+ 30B= 19W- 4
32 Ricci, Alfredo ITA 37F+ 15W- 27F- 33B- 19B= 42B+ 25W= 39B+ 18W- 4
33 Kloster, Josef GER 2165 1B- 42B= 43B= 32W+ 15B- 39W= 20B- 37W+ 34B= 4
34 Carli,  Carlo ITA 27B- 41W= 25B= 17W- 21B- 44W+ 40B+ 24W= 33W= 4
35 Heinlein, Reinhold GER 2080 16W= 29B+ 10W- 22B+ 14W= 4B- 23B- 25W= 24B-
36 Pipitone, Antonio ITA 2035 31B= 23W+ 3B- 28W- 24B= 41W= 18B- 43W+ 25B-
37 Ruzzier, Dario ITA 2090 32F- 40W= 18B- 44W+ 41B+ 17B- 21W- 33B- 42W+
38 di Lazzaro, Gabriele ITA 2005 28B- 26W- 44B+ 31W- 25W- 43B+ 42W+ 27B- 39W=
39 Dalponte, Dino ITA 2180 5W= 10B- 41B- 19W= 43W+ 33B= 31B- 32W- 38B= 3
40 Crea, Vincenzo ITA 2115 14W- 37B= 29W- 42B+ 22W- 19B- 34W- 44W+ 41B= 3
41 Minerva, Enzo ITA 2135 7W- 34B= 39W+ 16B- 37W- 36B= 19W- 42B- 40W=
42 Schiappacasse, Marcello ITA 2095 11B- 33W= 30B- 40W- 44B= 32W- 38B- 41W+ 37B- 2
43 Casagrande, Fabio ITA 2050 15B- 18W= 33W= 26W- 39B- 38W- 44B+ 36B- ABS 2
44 Turunčič, Bojan SLO 12W- 17B- 38W- 37B- 42W= 34B- 43W- 40B- bye

This was a reasonably strong open with a very closely matched field. The two Belgians spent the entire tournaments in the middle. The full results from the official website are cached by the Wayback Machine. The game file, sadly, wasn’t. Luckily, I found the games in [2].


  • Not much.


  1. The official website [as cached by the Wayback Machine]
  2. 365chess.com
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