1st Master d’Échecs de l’Arc Jurassien, Mathenay

05-10-2000 > 08-10-2000

GM Gurevich, Mikhail Naumovich BEL 2667 1 1 ½ 0 2736
GM Bologan, Viktor Viorel MDA 2641 0 0 ½ 1 2580

[1] gives the dates as 5-8 September in the crosstable, while mentioning 5-8 October in the description. The former date has been copied in many places, but it’s an obvious mistake, since Gurevich was playing in the World Cup in China on the 5th of September. [1] also mentions the venue as Saint-Pierre, France, but I think this, too, is wrong. The official website mentioned in [1], now offline but cached here, calls this match Trophée du Domaine de Saint-Pierre. Given the name Arc Jurassien, I suspect that Domaine du Saint-Pierre is the wine producer based in Mathenay. I have assumed that the games were played there, too. The games themselves are widely available.


  • Some confirmation for my theories.


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