14th European club championship, preliminary 3, Lubniewice

18-09-1998 > 20-09-1998

1st round
ŠK Margiris Kaunas LTU 5-1 LV Leuven BEL
Stilon Gorzów Wielkopolski
POL 6-0 North Belfact CC GBR
Pärnu MK EST bye
Danko-Donbass Alchevsk UKR bye
Places 1-4
Stilon Gorzów Wielkopolski POL 3½-2½ Danko-Donbass Alchevsk UKR
Pärnu MK EST 4½-1½ ŠK Margiris Kaunas LTU
Places 5-6
LV Leuven BEL 5½-½ North Belfast CC GBR
Stilon Gorzów Wielkopolski POL 3½-2½ Pärnu MK EST
Places 3-4
Danko-Donbass Alchevsk UKR 4½-1½ ŠK Margiris Kaunas LTU


IM Claesen, Pieter BEL 2410 1 2
FM Claesen, Jeroen BEL 2330 1 2
Van Hul, Chris BEL 2235 1 2
Houdart, Robert BEL 2115 0 1
Bossuyt, Koen BEL 1 2
Van Espen, Eddy BEL 1 2
De Guchtenaere, Freddy BEL ½ 1

Here are the round-by-round results. The Belgian team Lustige Vrijpion Leuven lost convincingly against the Lithuanian team and won even more convincingly against the team from Northern Ireland. Since there were only six teams, Leuven and Belfast were free on the last day. I know that Belfast played a friendly match against a B-team from Gorzów. Maybe there was a similar arrangement for Leuven? All information I have comes from [1].


  • Possibly the results of a friendly match.


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