12th Stevenson memorial, Bognor Regis

01-04-1964 > 11-04-1964

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Tot
1   Mardle, Denis Victor ENG +B49 +W58 =B2 +W54 +B47 +W19 =B43 +W9 +B4 =W7 +B8
2 IM
Golombek, Harry ENG +W22 =B6 =W1 =W4 +B54 +B3 +W19 +W8 =B9 -B13 +W21 8
3   Osmanagić, Dušan YUG +B65 +W10 +B12 -B23 +W13 -W2 +B39 =W5 =B6 +W43 +B9 8
4   Parr, David ENG +B20 -W47 +W57 =B2 +W21 +B41 +W18 +B43 -W1 =W9 +B13 8
5   Hartston, William Roland ENG +B63 =W52 -B11 =W40 +B27 +W10 +W36 =B3 =W19 =B23 +W26
6 IM
Karaklajić, Nikola YUG +B71 =W2 =B52 -W18 +B44 +W7 =W12 +B22 =W3 =B19 +W23
7   Lees, David ENG +W24 +W41 -W36 =B21 =W39 -B6 +W30 +B48 +W12 =B1 +W19
8   Basman, Michael John ENG +W44 +W14 -B19 =B41 +W33 +B42 =W13 -B2 +W43 +B22 -W1 7
9   Cafferty, Bernard ENG +W28 +W30 =B54 =B42 +W12 +B36 +W23 -B1 =W2 =B4 -W3 7
10   Hempson, Peter William ENG +W17 -B3 +W16 -B13 +W55 -B5 -B29 +W67 +B56 +W39 +B38 7
11   Macdonald-Ross, Michael ENG +W32 =B33 +W5 =W34 -B43 -B13 +W37 +B40 -W21 +B47 +W27 7
12   Meštrović, Zvonimir YUG +W16 +B18 -W3 +B52 -B9 +W47 =B6 =W23 -B7 +W41 +B24 7
13 IM
Rellstab, Ludwig Adolf GER =B40 +W25 =B56 +W10 -B3 +W11 =B8 =B18 +W33 +W2 -W4 7
14   Bonkenburg, Jan NED +W64 -B8 =W17 -B33 =W32 -B37 +W65 +B63 +B57 =W38 +B43
15   Bonkenburg, Sjaak NED -W41 -B45 =B20 -W35 +B69 =W58 +B53 +W49 =B52 +W46 +B34
16   Broido, Michael M ENG -B12 +W55 -B10 +W49 -B26 =W31 -B20 +W58 +B67 +W52 +B36
17   Keene, Raymond Dennis ENG -B10 +W62 =B14 =W28 =W52 +B67 =W33 =B34 +W42 =B27 =W22
18   Learner, Abraham ENG +B62 -W12 +W61 +B6 =W42 +B48 -B4 =W13 -B23 =W36 +B44
19   Milner-Barry, Philip Stuart ENG +W45 +B39 +W8 +B36 =W23 -B1 -B2 +W52 =B5 =W6 -B7
20   Morgan, A. F. ENG -W4 -B26 =W15 -B50 +W64 +B70 +W16 -B21 +W54 +B48 +W42
21   Rumens, David Edward ENG -B52 +W63 +B30 ½/7 -B4 -W46 +B31 +W20 +B11 +W44 -B2
22   Sombor, Andrew ENG -B2 +W70 +B49 =W38 =B59 +W29 +B46 -W6 +B24 -W8 =B17
23   Wells, David ENG +B37 +W38 +B47 +W3 =B19 -W43 -B9 =B12 +W18 =W5 -B6
24   Cordovil, João Maria POR -B7 +W37 +B58 -W47 =W +B51 =W48 +B26 -W22 +B33 -W12 6
25   Jones, John H ENG =W48 -B13 -B59 +W69 -B46 +W49 =B45 -W30 +W65 +B56 +W47 6
26   Lloyd, Kenneth William ENG -B58 +W20 =B60 =B29 +W16 =W34 =B41 -W24 +B46 +W40 -B5 6
27   Nicevski, Risto YUG -B30 +W53 -B43 +W31 -W5 +B55 +W32 =B39 +W35 =W17 -B11 6
28   Pérez Conde, Fernando ESP -B9 +W71 =B40 =B17 +W37 -B39 -W35 -B47 =W59 +W67 +B52
29   Crombleholme, Alan ENG =B34 +W35 -B38 =W26 +W50 -B22 +W10 -B33 =W40 -B42 +W57
30   Denman, Brian ENG +W27 -B9 -W21 =W58 +B45 =W35 -B7 +B25 -W47 =B57 +W51
31   Doney, Ronald ENG -B47 +W50 -W41 -B27 +W63 =B16 -W21 +B60 +W51 =B32 =W37
32   Dymond, Michael John ENG -B11 -W60 =B50 +W62 =B14 +W61 -B27 +B37 =W48 =W31 =B41
33   Fox, Terry ENG +B53 =W11 -B34 +W14 -B8 +W56 =B17 +W29 -B13 -W24 =B39
34   Hindle, Owen Mark
ENG =W29 +B51 +W33 =B11 -W36 =B26 =W52 =W17 -B44 +B35 -W15
35   Matchett, Harry Gethin Thorp ENG =W46 -B29 =W44 +B15 =W57 =B30 +B28 =W41 -B27 -W34 +B55
36   May, Alan ENG +B55 +W43 +B7 -W19 +B34 -W9 -B5 =W44 =B41 =B18 -W16
37   Nicholas, Ronald ENG -W23 -B24 +B70 +W68 -B28 +W14 -B11 -W32 +B49 +W45 =B31
38   Paige, Roger Leslie ENG +W50 -B23 +W29 ½/22 -W41 =B57 +W47 =B42 =W39 =B14 -W10
39   Pratten, Wilfred Henry ENG +B70 -W19 =B45 +W46 =B7 +W28 -W3 =W27 =B38 -B10 =W33
40   Ross, Robert ENG =W13 =B57 =W28 =B5 =W51 +B59 =W42 -W11 =B29 -B26 +W50
41   Smith, Richard ENG +B15 -W7 +B31 ½/8 +B38 -W4 =W26 =B35 =W36 -B12 =W32
42   Stockman, Norman ENG =B56 +W69 +B46 =W9 =B18 -W8 =B40 =W38 -B17 +W29 -B20
43   Sunnucks, Patricia Anne ENG +W60 -B36 +W27 +B56 +W11 +B23 =W1 -W4 -B8 -B3 -W14
44   Van Seters, Frits BEL -B8 +W65 =B35 =W59 -W6 +B60 +W57 =B36 +W34 -B21 -W18
45   Berry, J. ENG -B19 +W15 =W39 -B60 -W30 =B68 =W25 +B55 =W50 -B37 +W59 5
46   Cooke, John ENG =B35 +W68 -W42 -B39 +W25 +B21 -W22 +B54 -W26 -B15 =W48 5
47   Glaser, Jan ENG +W31 +B4 -W23 +B24 -W1 -B12 -B38 +W28 +B30 -W11 -B25 5
48   Mackay, Donald ENG =B25 -W56 +B62 +B67 +W60 -W18 =B24 -W7 =B32 -W20 =B46 5
49   Collins, Richard Arnold ENG -W1 +B64 -W22 -B16 +W65 -B25 +W68 -B15 -W37 =W61 +B67
50   Damant, Charles Ambrose Scott ENG -B38 -B31 =W32 +W20 -B29 =W53 +B61 -W56 =B45 +W63 -B40
51   Flood, John ENG =B69 -W34 =B68 +W63 =B40 -W24 -B54 +W64 -B31 +W58 -B30
52   Hall, Arthur ENG +W21 =B5 =W6 -W12 =B17 +W54 =B34 -B19 =W15 -B16 -W28
53   Hardy, Otto ENG -W33 -B27 +W71 -B55 =W68 =B50 -W15 +W61 =B63 =B59 =W56
54   Love, Stanley Charles ENG +W59 +B61 =W9 -B1 -W2 -B52 +W51 -W46 -B20 -W55 +B63
55   M R Mahdavi IRI -W36 -B16 +B65 +W53 -B10 -W27 =B58 -W45 +W60 +B54 -W35
56   Payne C. M. ENG =W42 +B48 =W13 -W43 =B24 -B33 =W59 +B50 -W10 -W25 =B53
57   Winser, William Arthur ENG =B68 =W40 -B4 +W61 =B35 =W38 -B44 +B59 -W14 =W30 -B29
58   Adams, Peter ENG +W26 -B1 -W24 =B30 -W67 =B15 =W55 -B16 +W68 -B51 =W60 4
59   Hindley, P. R. ENG -B54 =B67 +W25 =B44 =W22 -W40 =B56 -W57 =B28 =W53 -B45 4
60   Ripley, John ENG -B43 +B32 =W26 +W45 -B48 -W44 -B67 -W31 -B55 +W65 =B58 4
61   Williams, R. ENG +W67 -W54 -B18 -B57 +W70 -B32 -W50 -B53 +W64 =B49 =W68 4
62   Ayriss, Alan Lawrence ENG -W18 -B17 -W48 -B32 +W71 =B65 -W63 =B68 -B66 =W70 +B69
63   Evans, Wilfred ENG -W5 -B21 +W64 -B51 -B31 +W69 +B62 -W14 =W53 -B50 -W54
64   Gorton, John ENG -B14 -W49 -B63 -W65 -B20 bye +W70 -B51 -B61 +W69 =B66
65   James, Rodney ENG -W3 -B44 -W55 +B64 -B49 =W62 -B14 +W69 -B25 -B60 +B70
66   Lemon, Richard ENG ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS =B69 +B70 +W62 =B68 =W64
67   Lighton, Richard ENG -B61 =W59 +B69 -W48 +B58 -W17 +W60 -B10 -W16 -B28 -W49
68   O’Brien, Richard ENG =W57 -B46 =W51 -B37 =B53 =W45 -B49 =W62 -B58 =W66 =B61
69   Kirtlan, Patric ENG =W51 -B42 -W67 -B25 -W15 -B63 =W66 -B65 +W70 -B64 -W62 2
70   Exell, Ernest George ENG -W39 -B22 -W37 +B71 -B61 -W20 -B64 -W66 -B29 =B62 -W65
71   O’Byrne, Kevin ENG -W6 -B28 -B53 -W70 -B62 ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS 0

No O’Kelly in the Stevenson memorial this time, but instead Van Seters competed. The field was not as strong as it used to be. Nevertheless, Van Seters only scored 50%. All information I have comes from [1].


  • Some first names.
  • Almost all of Van Seters’ names.


  1. BritBase
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