03rd Nov 2021

CIPC #246: Endeavour S4 E1, Game

Long after Morse there was Endeavour. It deals with Endeavour who was there long before Morse. I realize that that’s a rather opaque introduction for people not familiar with the...

12th Oct 2021

CIPC #243: Luther S1E1

Luther sounds like it should be a documentary series about the eponymic theologist and his ninety-five theses, or perhaps about his royal namesake. But no. It is about a certain...

28th Sep 2021

CIPC #241: Hogan’s heroes S4 E21, Up in Klink’s room

A prisoner of war camp in Nazi Germany is a rather unlikely setting for a comedy sitcom and perhaps it would be hard to get it greenlit nowadays. But back...

21st Sep 2021

CIPC #240: Lewis S5 E3, The mind has mountains

If you read this blog, there is a good chance you like dissecting chess positions that occur in movies or television series. But maybe you don’t like spending watching movies....

07th Sep 2021

CIPC #238: The untouchables S4 E3, The chess game

The untouchables were originally a special team of incorruptible agents tasked with fighting organised crime in Chicago. It then became the title of an autobiographically book by one of them,...

01st Sep 2021

CIPC #237: Peep show S3 E3, Shrooming

Peep show is a critically acclaimed sitcom that cemented David Mitchell and Robert Webb as one of the great comedic duos in British television. It is about Mark, a miserable...

17th Aug 2021

CIPC #235: The Addams family S1 E34, Winning of Morticia Addams

Today, we will talk about a group of weirdos with strange customs, largely shunned by society but quite happy on their own. No, not chess players, the Addams family. We...

11th Aug 2021

CIPC #234: Lewis S4 E3, Your sudden death question

After well over four years of weekly blog posts, it’s becoming harder and harder to come with real novelties. But today, I have found it. Today I have a conception...

03rd Aug 2021

CIPC #233: Lewis S2 E3, Life born of fire

The last time we met Lewis, he was assisting inspector Morse in his final days. It turns out that he afterwards became an inspector himself and took his former’s boss...

01st Jun 2021

CIPC #224: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes S1 E6, The speckled band

If ever some dimwit decides to feed my blog posts into a machine learning engine and make it produce one of its own, it will probably write about a murder...


2nd world youth rapid championship, Chessy


World youth championships, Szeged


11th international open tournament, Geraardsbergen


International tournament, Vence


31st world junior championship, Buenos Aires


2nd NATO championship, Oslo


North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Breda


North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Antwerp