29th Jul 2020

CIPC #181: Yoko Ono, Don’t count the waves

Over the last two blog posts about movies, there was a distinct rising theme in quality. Now, I will make it a crab canon by introducing the inverted theme in...

15th Jul 2020

CIPC #179: Sleuth

Ah! how marvellous it is to watch a decent movie again! Granted, whatever movie one watches after the disaster called Alvin and the chipmunks: The squeakquel would appear as a...

30th Jun 2020

CIPC #177: Alvin and the chipmunks: The squeakquel

My God. What have I come to? You know, I hope you all really appreciate what I do for this blog, because you have no idea. Just two weeks ago,...

17th Jun 2020

CIPC #175: A matter of life and death

After a short detour to the land of advertising, we return to our usual playground of movies. This time, we go all the way back to nineteen forty six for...

03rd Jun 2020

CIPC #173: Death note 2: The last name

I have already written a blog post about a manga and one about an anime, but I have yet to talk about Japanese cinema. That’s going to change now. Today,...

26th May 2020

CIPC #172: Blazing saddles

After the horrors I had to endure last week, I think I deserve a bit of break. Something light-hearted, something fun. Something good, even. Which is why I watched Blazing...

21st Apr 2020

CIPC #167: Wing commander

It is received wisdom that any video game based on a movie has an good chance to blow. Hard. In the bell-end of a horn. Similarly, it is a well-known...

15th Apr 2020

CIPC #166: Young Sherlock Holmes

After almost a hundred blog posts, Sherlock Holmes once more turns in an appearance, but this time in a younger form. Young Sherlock Holmes is movie from 1985 pretending to...

24th Mar 2020

CIPC #163: Friday the 13th part 2

This blog is, as the name suggests, about chess in pop culture. Last week, we talked about the culture part, today we’ll deal with the pop part. Because the Friday...

04th Feb 2020

CIPC #156: Pretty woman

Pretty woman, a 1990 film starring Richard Gere as Edward Lewis and Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward, must be the epitome of the romantic comedy. Roberts got an Oscar nomination...


Antwerp SK vs. Latvia, Antwerp


6th ECI tournament, Eeklo


24th European junior chmpionship, Siófok


Amsterdam vs. Brussels, Brussels


11th ECI tournament, Sas van Gent


Interleague tournament, Ghent


8th correspondence olimpiad


Qualification match for the European club cup, Antwerp