08th Jul 2020

CIPC #178: XTC, The mayor of Simpleton

It is remarkable how little commercial success correlates longevity. Nowadays, XTC is considered one of the quintessential British rock bands from the eighties, but back in the days their singles...

30th Jun 2020

CIPC #177: Alvin and the chipmunks: The squeakquel

My God. What have I come to? You know, I hope you all really appreciate what I do for this blog, because you have no idea. Just two weeks ago,...

23rd Jun 2020

CIPC #176: Shera ceiling tiles ad

I have bad news for the regular CIPC readers: today we’re going to tackle a philosophical question. Yes, one of those deep mysteries that bother all of us but that,...

17th Jun 2020

CIPC #175: A matter of life and death

After a short detour to the land of advertising, we return to our usual playground of movies. This time, we go all the way back to nineteen forty six for...

10th Jun 2020

CIPC#174: State Farm commerical

State Farm is one of those things, like red sups and school shootings, which most of the world is only familiar with through American media. In this case, the familiarity...

03rd Jun 2020

CIPC #173: Death note 2: The last name

I have already written a blog post about a manga and one about an anime, but I have yet to talk about Japanese cinema. That’s going to change now. Today,...

26th May 2020

CIPC #172: Blazing saddles

After the horrors I had to endure last week, I think I deserve a bit of break. Something light-hearted, something fun. Something good, even. Which is why I watched Blazing...

20th May 2020

CIPC #171: Casper the friendly ghost, Vol.2

Who is the most famous ghost in all of fiction? The obvious answer would be the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future from Dickens’ A christmas carol. The more...

12th May 2020

CIPC #170: Camel advertisement

If you were to ask me for my favourite sites, I would probably go on a tangent about how one should not assume that such orderings are linear and that...

05th May 2020

CIPC #169: The wire S1 E3, The buys

The wire is one of the most critically acclaimed television series in history, charting at number six in IMDB’s top list at the time of writing. If we leave out...


8th correspondence olimpiad


Qualification match for the European club cup, Antwerp


6th capitulation tournament, Wageningen


7th capitulation tournament, Wageningen


North Brabant vs. Antwerp, Breda


Junior match Belgium vs. North Brabant, Antwerp


National interclub championship


1st Benelux tournament, Terneuzen