15th Jan 2019

CIPC #102: Grand master rabbit

I’m not really sure were this cartoon comes from. It can easily be found on YouTube or Dailymotion, but none of the about five bazillion uploads seems to be the...

08th Jan 2019

CIPC #101: Boyz II Men, Motownphilly

In the beginning of the nineties, things were changing fast in the popular music scene. Hair metal and soft rock were going out of style fast, grunge and R&B were...

01st Jan 2019
CIPC extra: The best and worst of 2018

CIPC extra: The best and worst of 2018

Another year, another fiftyish posts, another sample set of qualities of blog posts, approximately normally distributed around a far too low mean. Since it is the time of the season...

25th Dec 2018

CIPC #100: Vacanze di natale ’91

As the number of blog posts you’ve written increases, the speed at which you encounter nice, round numbers unfortunately decreases, so you have to savour the occasion. What better subject,...

18th Dec 2018

CIPC #99: The supersizers eat… the fifties

I have a rare psychological condition were I have an immediate antipathy against almost anything with punctuation in the title.1 Some things – like periods, colons, and apostrophes – usually...

11th Dec 2018

CIPC #98: Guido Metsers, Prins Maurits

IJzendijke – who can honestly claim to ever have heard of the name? A small Zealandian townlet, little more than a hamlet, tucked away near the Scheldt in the Dutch...

04th Dec 2018

CIPC #97: Madonna, Ray of light

Now this is something you’ve probably heard of. In the eighties and nineties, Madonna was perhaps the biggest superstar in all of pop music. In 1998, she released ray of...

27th Nov 2018

CIPC #96: Masha and the bear S2 E2, Time to ride my pony

Usually, I am somehow familiar with the things I talk about. Most of the movies I talk about I have seen. Most of the comics I have read. Even La...

20th Nov 2018

CIPC #95: La Bayadère

I am really treading on unfamiliar grounds with this one, so bear with me. La Bayadère (the temple dancer) is a ballet with music by Ludwig Minkus, first performed in...

13th Nov 2018

CIPC #94: Toen was geluk heel gewoon S5 E67, Schaken

Toen was geluk heel gewoon (back then, happiness was normal) was a Dutch sitcom that ran for sixteen seasons between 1994 and 2009. It was loosely based on The honeymooners,...

Belgian championship, Ostend


3rd Mechelse Toren, Mechelen


16th Interpolis tournament, Tilburg


Mechelse Toren, Mechelen


11th international junior tournament, Schilde


National interclub championship


International team tournament, Charleroi


International junior tournament, Hallsberg