International mass tournament, Ostend


1 2 3 BP MP
1 Belgium 13 13 26 2
2 Netherlands 7 12 19 1
3 France 7 8 15 0

All information I have comes from [1], except for the only game I have, which I found in [2]. This tournament was organised in the Casino Kursaal in Ostend. Each team had forty players, that were split in two subteams to play the two opposing teams. Here are the detailed results. The French team was really a team from the north of France. Similarly, the Dutch team consisted pretty much exclusively of players from Zealand and Brabant. The Belgian team was quite strong: it included players like Dyner, Cherubim, Gooris, Pepers, Stoffels, Soultanbeieff, Sapira, Van Sevenandt, Van Hoorde, Defosse, De Coster and Gerits. The only well-known foreign player was Boutteville.


  • Almost all games.
  • Most first names.


  1. Vlissingse Courant 19/06/1939
  2. R. Noordijk, Het amateurisme in het schaakspel: tweede deel
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