07th Apr 2021

CIPC #216: Suske en Wiske – korte verhalen – schaken

Everybody in Flanders know Suske en Wiske. There are well over three hundred issues in the comic book series, there have been a couple of films, some video games, a...

10th Mar 2021

CIPC #212: Cheerleaders in the chess club, Season 1

“Relatively recently, there was a series in which a chess club played a very important role” is how I was planning to start this blog post. This was supposed to...

24th Apr 2018

CIPC #65: The cinema snob S11 E13, Mighty muffin pounder rangers

Judging the quality of entertainment is an age-old tradition – probably about half an hour younger than entertainment itself – but it, like so many things, has been profoundly changed...

Pentecost tournament, Ghent


Liège vs. Dutch Limburg, Visé


East Flanders vs. Antwerp, Ledeberg


Devos vs. Soultanbeieff, Brussels


Brussels vs. Brabant, Brussels


Cercle Colle quadrangular, Brussels


Belgian championship, Brussels


Pentecost tournament, Ghent