13th Jun 2017

CIPC #22: Mozart in the jungle S1 E2 Fifth chair

Mozart in the jungle is an Amazon original series based on a book of the same name. It focuses on an New York-based up-and-coming oboist’s struggle to make it in...

30th May 2017

CIPC #21: Midsomer Murders S15 E5 The Sicilian defence

It doesn’t happen very often that a long-running television show dedicates an entire episode to chess, but when it happens – oh boy! Episode 5 of season 15 of British...

14th Feb 2017

CIPC #7: Numb3rs, S1 E9: Sniper zero

Previously, I called The mentalist a mediocre mystery fiction show. By these standards, Numb3rs is dreadful. First of all, the show has given in to 1337 speak. This is bad....

31st Jan 2017

CIPC #4: Agatha Christie’s Poirot S5 E6: The chocolate box

Belgium is a strange, strange country. I don’t mean the bizarre borders1 , the incredibly complicated politics2 , or the fact that there’s a Belgian chess history site. No, I...

21st Jan 2017

CIPC #2: The mentalist, S1 E3: Red tide

I have quite a high tolerance for mediocre mystery fiction – and “mediocre mystery fiction” happens to be a perfect description of the American television series The Mentalist. It’s about...


National interclub championship


2nd match The Netherlands vs. Belgium, The Hague


1st championship of Antwerp, Antwerp


2nd match North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Tilburg


Match Terneuzen vs. Ghent, Ghent


3rd La Nation Belge cup, Brussels


15th world correspondence championship


Match Antwerp SK vs. CÉ Ghent, Antwerp/Ghent