05th Dec 2017

CIPC #46: Independence day

Last week we talked about Red Bull, this week we’re tackling its cinematic counterpart: Roland Emmerich’s 1996 movie Independence day – which revived the disaster movie genre as a viable...

22nd Aug 2017

CIPC #31: The unbearable lightness of being

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every single book with good reviews, must be in want of a movie version. Hence, with the inevitability of a parakeet going tweet,...

16th May 2017

CIPC #19: Lang leve de koningin

Due to enormous success1 the last time I commented on a chess-themed movie, I will do it again. This time, the focus will be on a Dutch movie, because focusing...

02nd May 2017

CIPC #17: 1984

One sure sign of an author’s lasting success is when his phrases and his words become common parlance. Very few authors have achieved this in the English language1 , but...

11th Apr 2017

CIPC #14: Knight moves

Fourteenth instalment! Finally a nice round number!1 That deserves something special, I’d say. Something very special indeed: I’m going to watch a movie. More specifically, I’m going to watch Knight...

14th Mar 2017

CIPC #10: X-men

The X-men, as most of you doubtlessly know, are an American team of superheroes. They get their name from their mentor, professor Xavier, and the fact that the X is...

07th Mar 2017

CIPC #9: The Thing

After dealing with comic books, television series, a computer game, and a commercial I feel it’s high time I tackled a movie. And what better movie to start with than...


Match Dunkelbum vs. Dyner, Brussels/Antwerp


L’Échiquier championship, Brussels


CÉ Philidor championship, Brussels


Antwerp SK championship, Antwerp


Classification match Engelmann vs. Liubarski, Liège


National interclubs


Belgian championship, Brussels


Barcelona CC championship, Barcelona