31st Dec 2019

CIPC #152: Hein Heijnen, Rokade

Rokade is a book written (in Dutch; the title means Castling) by an MD by the name of Hein Heijnen. It appeared in the prehistoric1 year of 2013 by the...

22nd Jan 2019

CIPC #103: Bertina Henrichs, Die Schachspielerin

The long-time readers of this blog might remember how, quite a while ago, I made a few blog posts about my impressions while watching movies which heavily feature chess. I...

18th Apr 2017

CIPC #15: Book cover galore

Chess, due to its symbolical connotations, is a popular motive for book covers, even if the book itself has nothing whatever to do with it. The idea is, no doubt,...

National interclub championship


2nd match The Netherlands vs. Belgium, The Hague


1st championship of Antwerp, Antwerp


2nd match North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Tilburg


Match Terneuzen vs. Ghent, Ghent


3rd La Nation Belge cup, Brussels


15th world correspondence championship


Match Antwerp SK vs. CÉ Ghent, Antwerp/Ghent