17th Jul 2018

CIPC #77: Samsung advertisement

Samsung is known as one of the biggest and most famous electronics manufacturers in the world, but it is also an adjective used in music to describe a piece in...

19th Jun 2018

CIPC #73: Ronzoni commercial

If you have read some of my other blog posts, you will have noticed that I usually start with a short text providing context for the subject at hand. But...

30th Jan 2018

CIPC #53: Highland queen advertisement

“The good old days.” What rot! Rarely has such a huge amount of bullshit been concentrated in one sentence.  In the old days, people died of smallpox, people were famished,...

10th Jan 2018

CIPC #50: Rocky III publicity shot

From all the sports in the world, boxing is the most mystifying to me. I just cannot picture any decent person answering the question ‘what do you do for fun?’...

26th Dec 2017

CIPC #49: L’Islam – c’est aussi notre histoire

At the time of writing there is an ongoing exhibition in Brussels about the history of Islam in Europe. For the official poster, the organisers have opted for a nice...

28th Nov 2017

CIPC #45: Red Bull advertisement

While we’re on the topic of advertisement for drinks featuring chess, let’s talk about Red Bull. It is a relatively new drink, launched in Austria in 1987, but has conquered...

21st Nov 2017

CIPC #44: Smirnoff advertisement

Sometimes I have serious difficulty starting one of these posts. For example, what could I possibly tell about Smirnoff that not everybody knows already? The name alone brings back fond...

14th Nov 2017

CIPC #43: Universum Bremen

Suppose for a moment that by some strange twist of fate you end up in Bremen for a day or two. Maybe the Deutsche Bahn has stranded you there, or...

12th Jul 2017

CIPC #25: Pepsi Cola advertisement

Nowadays, there is a light version of pretty much every foodstuff you can think of. There’s light soft drinks, there’s light chips, there’s light fries – pretty soon, I expect...

23rd May 2017

CIPC #20: Promofilm liga Antwerpen

What is the last place where you would expect an impossible position to appear on the chessboard? I don’t know precisely what my own answer to this question would be,...


National interclub championship


2nd match The Netherlands vs. Belgium, The Hague


1st championship of Antwerp, Antwerp


2nd match North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Tilburg


Match Terneuzen vs. Ghent, Ghent


3rd La Nation Belge cup, Brussels


15th world correspondence championship


Match Antwerp SK vs. CÉ Ghent, Antwerp/Ghent